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  1. smobras

    wtb Bk2 shaft

    I'm looking for a Predator bk2 shaft uniloc.
  2. smobras

    Bad Deal with -mzbhavnhrl

    "He is not far Brian. He is in PA if I am not mistaken. I think we should all get together and pay him a visit. Take our buddy Phade with us as well. Scumbags like that deserve a "good" treatment." I'd love to go for a hunt too, but since i live in Europe, i would compensate you guys for this.
  3. smobras

    WTB pool cue wrap

    Thanks for the answers.
  4. smobras

    WTB pool cue wrap

    I'm looking for Rubber or leather pool cue wrap. Thank you
  5. smobras

    for sale: everything predator

    Predators I'm interested, PM me.
  6. smobras

    WTB Jump Cue

    Maybe myself. Do you remember me? you have my money for a long time.My paypal adress is the same, maybe you will pay me back.
  7. smobras

    2 Customs F/S

    Yeaahhh... barking4action you are 110% right and mzbhavnhrl is a very good example... Thanks everyone who tried to help me.
  8. smobras

    Trade Bow For Cue

    One more Bump... cos i want it sold...maybe then he refunds my money that he keeps for a long time...I just don´t know how his reputation turns to green when he acts like that.
  9. smobras

    2 Cues For Sale

    got pics...? Of course not. What he gots is my MONEY for five months....
  10. smobras

    wtb Predator shaft for Viking

    A friend of mine wants to buy a Predator shaft for a Viking cue.
  11. smobras

    Scruggs Shaft For Sale

    Somebody who has some money to throw away... Send money to this #$%"%&//%$##. Maybe then he would send my money back.
  12. smobras

    1983 Joss For Sale

    Why don't you post pictures? Is it a shy cue?!... Because he has no cue... of course. But he has my money sice August....
  13. smobras

    Scruggs Sneaky For Sale

    Thank you very much... I don´t know, and i don´t care nothing at all what´s hapenning to him, whatever it is, it doesn´t make the wright for keeping somebody's money. Best regards Saul
  14. smobras

    I'm not playing anymore. Predators for sale

    I have... bought his P3, not here but on Ebay(he tried to sell it here too) and i have a good feeling about him, at least much more than mzbhavnhrl, who still owns me $240.
  15. smobras

    About mzbhavnhrl user

    Yeah, i'm waiting for the money, you should know my paypal adress...If so, i'll forget this "little" problem and clarify the reputation you deserve.
  16. smobras

    About mzbhavnhrl user

    Hellooooo this thief was online today again, just a few days after i gave him a negative itrader. Don't do anykind of deal with guys like this one.
  17. smobras

    About mzbhavnhrl user

    Hello, unfortunately i'm the one that "bought???" the meucci cue that MZBHAVNHRL was selling here. I Paid him on August 22nd and a month later i got nothing yet, i sent him some PM and no answer. So before i give him a negative itrader i will wait 2 more days, i see that his last visit here was...
  18. smobras

    WTB Uni-loc butt

    It's for a friend of mine, waiting for a decision. All PM read. Thanks to everyone.
  19. smobras

    WTB Uni-loc butt

    I'm looking for an uni-loc butt only(preferably) under $200. Thanks
  20. smobras

    Counterfeit Kamui Tips- Learn the difference.

    Tips I'm playing with a black SS Kamui tip for 3 months, and what i can remember, it had only the word "glue" in one side and the logo in white in the other side.Is this the real one?