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  1. Onecrazyplayer

    Cuesmith Deluxe with upgrades and extrassee

    Hey Text my ass maybe we can work something out after I buy the house ! But you have to come visit me this time.
  2. Onecrazyplayer

    Cuesmith Deluxe with upgrades and extras

    Ok Listen guys. I have bought from this guy before he's the real deal. ! If I needed another one you know I would drive over this weekend I'll be coming by again to pick up stuff from the old home. Good luck with the sale. Great deal!!!!!
  3. Onecrazyplayer

    ✦:✦ AZB 2013 Cue of the Year *RESULTS* ✦:✦

    Your in box is filled Sir.
  4. Onecrazyplayer

    ✦:✦ AZB 2013 Cue of the Year *RESULTS* ✦:✦

    Well put. But in the long run it's still just a high tech program doing the hard stuff my friend. And I'm sure if your CNC went down I'm sure you could do just as good??? But you are right building the cue is the work and in doing that you really only had a 5% edge over me according to your...
  5. Onecrazyplayer

    Looking for the sickest Mike Webb cue!

    Thanks don't know if it's sicker then mine but worth a try thanks for the info!
  6. Onecrazyplayer

    Looking for the sickest Mike Webb cue!

    Very nice I have seen one or two of these cues in his shop. But guys let's get the wow out there! Mike puts out some of the best 4 points with simple inlays.. I can pick one of them up anytime let's bring out the big guns ! I know he's got some sick butterfly's out there. Come on!
  7. Onecrazyplayer

    ✦:✦ AZB 2013 Cue of the Year *RESULTS* ✦:✦

    Great job Congrats Like to say thank for who ever voted for the Python Cue but this rookie may not have the CNC set but but the winner did and it is a very nice lay out and congrats to you sir beautiful work. I got my old school inlay machine up and running so I'm bringing something strong this...
  8. Onecrazyplayer

    My Black Pearl in progress

    Damn Dude your going to hate it ! Just sell it to me! No his work is very beautiful I have a sick 3x3 butterfly and point one kind of the same woods and it's in my never to sell collection. Your going to be super happy with the cue and the work that he does! Can't wait to see it finished I...
  9. Onecrazyplayer

    Looking for the sickest Mike Webb cue!

    If you think you have the sickest Mike Webb cue on this planet I have cash in hand. I will say I'm looking to add to my collection. I have 2 of his sickest cues ever built by a great cue maker. Post them up here and ill PM you if I want to buy! Mikes work is great but I'm looking for that wow...
  10. Onecrazyplayer

    help with leather wrap

    Hey Listen to some of these guys! You don't want to try to put your name on the line when you don't have a idea on how to wrap a leather on a cue. In the long run you XXXX it up your going to piss off one person and it's going to cost you some money. You might end up buying that cue for what...
  11. Onecrazyplayer

    *-*-* Wanted Willie Hoppe Titlist Cues 1pc/2pc Paypal Eva Ready *-*-*

    Good luck My prices are not cheap. I have 14 waiting to be converted plus 5 that are being converted now but are on hold because I got a job. So cue building has to wait. But my advice is watch the That Bay of E place and just look around like most of us do. If I'm ever in the market to sell...
  12. Onecrazyplayer

    ✦:✦ AZB 2013 Cue of the Year Voting ✦:✦

    Thanks Thanks for putting this together. Was happy to see at least someone voted for me. Wait for what's coming out this year. My not be tricked out but it's going to be sweet!
  13. Onecrazyplayer

    ✦✦ 2013 AZB Cue of the Year ✦✦

    Why not I'm proud of this cue! As a cue maker and I own it as an AZ member I just want to put this Rookie out there!
  14. Onecrazyplayer

    Cue Of The Year?

    Well? Not to pee in anyone's Cheerios but if you been making cues for many years you should be good enough for a cue of the year entree. But sorry folks I'm a rookie and I'm very happy that I build very nice cues! But like most of these guys winning shows and building artwork I have just not...
  15. Onecrazyplayer

    My first time...

    Hi What in the world made you want to use 5 min epoxy????????? No no no no ! 1st you'll end up with a soft bound if your mix was not right. 2nd you don't give the epoxy time to get into the wood. 3rd who told you to use 5 min epoxy? By the time you put it on you try to spin it I'd curing and...
  16. Onecrazyplayer

    Tag head stock problems?

    Yep What he said !
  17. Onecrazyplayer

    Looking for tools and materials to use with my new lathe

    Parting with tools Hey I started off with nothing and within 3 years I got 25-30k invested in a small 8x10 foot room. I know it's hard to find stuff and 1/2 the time you have to buy it in a big bulk sale like I did. But everyone likes a little help when I got my sanding mandrels that some...
  18. Onecrazyplayer

    2010 John Showman Titlist

    Wow This is one of then one you buy when they come up for sale! Beautiful cue. Wow! Good luck with your sale!
  19. Onecrazyplayer

    eBay find!

    Nice Thanks for the info! In the 1930 Brunswick did use red butterfly's I found some photo out there in cyber land. But good to know about the other company. Thanks I think I'm going to just let then sit in my one piece collection foe a few and sit and look at them. You can find a titlist cue...
  20. Onecrazyplayer

    Documentation suggestion for cues

    Sweet Right on I always wonder why more of the higher end cue builders did not do this back in the days with just a simple hand write up. Some did but not all. It a great way to track a cue and the history of it. And with the computers and google and all the stuff we have I can see what you...