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    PoolActionTV Reloaded Encore Action Matches Everyday

    Hi Terry, Never mind works perfect now Sorry Thank you for all U do
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    PoolActionTV Reloaded Encore Action Matches Everyday

    No Sound Hi Terry, This looks like a great tournament @ Jamaica Joe’s that I’m watching, but there is No sound on my end . :confused: Is there supposed to be audio ... Thank you,
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    PPV-8 Ball Challenge Justin Bergman vs Corey Deuel Feb 8-11, 2019

    Hi Terry, Will Ray be looping the Bergman / Duel match during the day ? I have to work Fri. Sat. 4pm. - 1am. Thank you, :)
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    Milk Dds

    THANK YOU for the replies .
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    Milk Dds

    How would you rate the hardness of pooldawg8's milk duds soft, medium , or hard ?
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    not so fast cloth

    Greg Sullivan (Diamond Tables) a year or so ago was trying too get Simonis Cloth to make a slower cloth to be called "960", as he also felt 860 was to fast especially on the Bar table. Many Pros and good players had also been asking Greg for a slower cloth. I don't know what ever became of...
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    My pool lesson with Darren "DynoMite" Appleton

    Cleary, Are the perfect practice DVD's for sale yet ? If not when do you expect them to be avail. Thank you,
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    2013 USBTC Matches on YouTube

    Thank you so much Justin Justin, Thanks so much for putting these matches on youtube. I purchased the match on your ppv. and was not able to watch any of them because my computer is supplied by work and they block the server that Tar uses. I didnt and dont want a refund, it is just a small...
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    Bowman vs SVB

    I went to their web site, it said 9ball. I to also wish it was 8ball
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    Pool And A Woman

    That girl could climb on my table any day of the week.:smile:
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    8 Ball Analyze: Rack #1

    Bank the 5 in the side with a little draw and try and get a better angle to cut the 6 in the side and fall on the 3 roll the 3 in an try to get fairly straight on the 4 ,shoot the 4 past the 2 in the corner and try an fall on the 1 , shoot the 1 bounce of the rail shoot the 4, play the 8 in the...
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    TOI dvd problems.

    My T.O.I dvd will also not play, I to get " Playback prohibited by area limitations " on my DVD player. I also bought the " Inside Secrets " DVD and it plays fine . I waited a long time to see this DVD and still can't.
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    On The Road Again with Perfect Aim....

    Perfect Aim Lesson Hi Gene, Please come back to the Cincinnati area some more people need a lesson. I need 1 for sure . Let me know I can be there in a few hours. :) Thanks alot, Fish
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    Instructor in KY

    Stan Shuffett is the man the you need see. His Foundation Course in my opinion is the best instruction in the country not just in Kentucky. HE can be found at /
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    Win John Brumback's second DVD

    Banks / 1st :) One Pocket / 13th 9 ball / 24th
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    WRISTS - The "hidden power catalyst" of a great stroke or "just along for the ride"?

    If you guys want to see another pro put follow on the Q ball exactly as CJ has tried to explain watch John Brumback. I was lucky enough to watch him in person (in his basement ) for 3 days put follow on the ball this way time after time. He is more than a little good at it. It was eye...
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    WRISTS - The "hidden power catalyst" of a great stroke or "just along for the ride"?

    Cj, First of all thank you for all the help and time you have given on this forum. Second, When will your new DVD be avilable for purchase, and where can I purchase it ? Thank you again, :)
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    My new book what do you want in it.

    Lee , I would like to see more on the straight shots , I was a little confused about what side to favor when the ball is shot to the opposite corner pocket, more on the seemingly effortless draw stroke technique you use , how to shoot specialty shots, combinations ect. some more on the V grip...
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    Quote for a new TAR website

    Justin, I enjoy all the things you have done for us to enjoy pool more, I would love to get TAR on a " on demand " format. I hope that its with someone else other than I purchased the Bar Table event back in the winter and didnt get to watch ant of it because it would not load...
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    spin transfered... a myth?

    Buy or take a look at John Brumbacks banking DVD. Shows alot about spin transfer and "turning a ball"