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  1. Dawgneck

    Converting 9 ft Diamond Light Fluorescent tubes to LED with 8 ft LED tubes

    That's something I hadn't thought of.... I have four overhead skylights and sunlight hits the table for about 3 hours daily. I haven't seen any fading after two years. Hopefully Simonis cloth is better at resisting fading that the other cloths This is exactly what I experienced, Cornerman...
  2. Dawgneck

    Converting 9 ft Diamond Light Fluorescent tubes to LED with 8 ft LED tubes

    I apologize if someone already shared information similar to what I typed below. As of this writing, Diamond and TOCOR Lighting are graciously providing instructions on how to replace the four, 8-foot fluorescent light tubes in the older 9 foot table lights with eight, four foot LED tubes. The...
  3. Dawgneck

    8 points Ed Prewitt

    Ditto. PM sent
  4. Dawgneck

    One Pocket: A Game of Controlled Aggression

    I want one I hear your book it's just as good or better than my W1P and SMS books, Tom! Money sent via paypal. I can't wait to read it. Let me know if/when the hard copy is available. Thanks.
  5. Dawgneck

    FS 9' High End Maitland-Smith Table

    I have this table and love it. I was going to buy a Gold Crown 5 or Diamond Pro but the wife would only allow a table in the house that matched her Maitland Smith/Theodore Alexander interior.... I was worried it wouldn't play well but I got lucky - It plays incredibly well and accurate, has...
  6. Dawgneck

    ★ ★ Mezz Power Break Pro with Deep Impact Pro H Shaft For Sale! ★ ★

    +1 I spent the extra $ for the silicon wrap. It sticks when inserting and removing it from my JB case. It eventually stretched and over-lapped the handle area. I had to remove it and install a leather wrap. Wrap-less is the way to go with this fantastic break cue, but I'm very happy...
  7. Dawgneck

    TAD Cue for sale

    Please Excuse The Long Post Below This may not be the right thread to post this comment, but it’s akin to a few posts above (Mods, feel free to move if necessary). I visit Hard Times 3-5 days a week and know a lot of the people who participated in and/or watched the Tad Cup tournament. There...
  8. Dawgneck

    1 pocket rules question

    Hmmm, that jump cue statement is something a certain player might try on me. This is something to bring up the next time I play him.
  9. Dawgneck

    @ tad feeler @

    Congrats on winning the Hard Times Tad Cup, Chris. Good luck with the sale.
  10. Dawgneck

    WTB: A One Pocket Strategy Book

    Useful tips Howdy, Warfdiesel. I got into One-Pocket a few months ago and I'm addicted. I believe it is the most interesting of all pool games and demands more concentration, knowledge and attention to every aspect of pool, especially banking and safety play. Many say its akin to chess and I...
  11. Dawgneck

    FS: Winning One-Pocket, Shots Moves & Strategies

    Thanks! Payment sent. Thanks, Eric!
  12. Dawgneck

    WTB: Winning One Pocket - 2nd edition

    Found! Found the book! Thanks, Pat!
  13. Dawgneck

    Winning One Pockets For Sale

    Thanks! Hi, Pat. The book arrived today and in great shape as advertised! Thanks for the PM in response to my WTB post. Good looking out.
  14. Dawgneck

    Winning One Pockets For Sale

    Interested in your 2nd edition book. PM sent. Thanks.
  15. Dawgneck

    FS: Classic 6 Point SouthWest

    Nice SW, Jeff! Send me a PM if you have a Prewitt or TAD queued for sale. Ray
  16. Dawgneck

    WTB: Winning One Pocket - 2nd edition

    Thanks, guys. I'm in negotiation with a seller who might have what I'm looking for. I will update the thread if the purchase goes through.
  17. Dawgneck

    WTB: Winning One Pocket - 2nd edition

    Bump for knowledge.
  18. Dawgneck

    WTB: Winning One Pocket - 2nd edition

    Still looking
  19. Dawgneck

    WTB: Winning One Pocket - 2nd edition

    Anyone willing to help a novice learn the game?
  20. Dawgneck

    WTB: Winning One Pocket - 2nd edition

    Looking for a 2nd edition copy of Winning One Pocket. I am looking for a reasonably priced reading copy; not one of the expensive exotic covered books. Los Angeles area transaction preferred. Please PM price and other details. Thanks.