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  1. nj82tj

    shaft diameter

    13mm to 12.5 to 12 back up to 12.5 and now I play 13mm again. That is where I am most comfortable.
  2. nj82tj

    Jump Cues.....what's the best out there right now.

    Bob Dzuricky of DZ cues just started making them. If you can get on his books...
  3. nj82tj

    My new DZ

    MVP blank of cocobolo into ebony with a cocobolo joint collar and a kielwood shaft. 58” and 19.25 oz. 13mm triangle tip. Finished by Bob Dzuricky. Thanks Bob.
  4. nj82tj

    Looking for Blackcreek & Sugartree Cues

    I have a birdseye and Chechen SugarTree if you’re interested. 2 shafts.
  5. nj82tj

    WTB Wrapless MW

    I have a birds eye maple and Chechen SugarTree if you’re interested.
  6. nj82tj

    Big Pin Pechauer Pro Cocobolo MW

    SugarTree shaft is gone. Bump for a good deal on a nice cue.
  7. nj82tj

    Big Pin Pechauer Pro Cocobolo MW

    Bump. Make me an offer. $525 with OB AND Pechauer shaft.
  8. nj82tj

    Big Pin Pechauer Pro Cocobolo MW

    ********** sold **********
  9. nj82tj

    Air travel with your cues... what does everyone use?

    First off, it's 100% ridiculous that you can't take your cue on the plane. Thanks TSA... I've flown to NY-FL-NY a couple times and would just put my cue in my case and then the case in a cardboard box/tube. I never had any issues.
  10. nj82tj

    Full Splice

    Prather custom cues. I just had one of his blanks done by Dzuricky. Prather also does his own finishing if you so desire.
  11. nj82tj

    First Cue Decision $150-$250

    LOL. :thumbup: Schmelke, or add another 50-75 and get a Pechauer or Joss.
  12. nj82tj

    Sentimental Cue

    That's beautiful and really cool.
  13. nj82tj

    Full splice cues

    Prather cues.
  14. nj82tj

    Traditional shaft cue

    They play really nicely. If you email them directly you will most likely talk to the owner and he’ll customize it however you want. I just bought a cocobolo MW with a 3/8x10 mod pin. It’s exceptional for a “production” cue. Good luck.
  15. nj82tj

    Traditional shaft cue

    Order a SP Pechauer with a 3/8x10 pin. You will be happy.
  16. nj82tj

    ‘‘Tis the season

    that's pretty dang cool...
  17. nj82tj

    Finished one today

    Great pick on woods. It looks fantastic.
  18. nj82tj

    Mike Durbin custom build

    Great colors! I really like the windows in the butt too. Very nice.
  19. nj82tj

    My new jackpots are selling so fast

    This. I wasn't going to comment at all on these cues being for sale with no pics, but in the gallery section...come on. Annoying is an understatement.
  20. nj82tj

    Shaft length

    LOL. No bridge necessary...