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  1. Str8sh0oter

    Sold (3) Schon Shafts

    I’d like to buy shaft #2 please
  2. Str8sh0oter

    Sold WTS: Cyclops Ladon 20 ball set

    If they're still available, I'd like to buy them from you sir -- PM you with # if that's ok.
  3. Str8sh0oter

    FS: A Beautiful Tascarella

    Would you take 3000.00 for this cue?
  4. Str8sh0oter

    Beautiful Tascarella

    I'll give you 3000.00 for it if it's still available sir.
  5. Str8sh0oter

    Predator SP8RJ wrapless

    I'd like to know if the tips are 12mm or 13mm please. =)
  6. Str8sh0oter

    5/16 x 14 Cocobolo Joint Protectors

    I'd like to buy these.. =)
  7. Str8sh0oter

    🔥 Tascarella ~ Dave Barenbrugge ~ Tony Russell ~ Customs ~ Whitten 🔥

    Tasc I'd like to buy the Tasc today, still have it?
  8. Str8sh0oter

    Tascarella Hoppe ~ Fullspliced Wrapless Rosewood 4 Pointer....

    I'd like to purchase this cue from you, can you please confirm you still have it and let me know how I may contact you for prompt purchase? Sorry, I'm new to the forum and don't know how to "pm" you sir.. thanks
  9. Str8sh0oter

    killer leon sly ebony sneaky

    I'd like to buy this, can you contact me?
  10. Str8sh0oter

    Wrapless Carolina Custom

    Purchase Do you have a 'Buy it Now' price for a prompt purchase today?