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  1. phil dade

    Eden stolen_reward

    Tes it was over year ago, but it was reported as soon as I realized and a police report filed. After many calls and none returned the detective finally said he interviewed the persons of interest from Empire and told me they did not do it. I said did you have themn to the station? He said no...
  2. phil dade

    Eden stolen_reward

    thanks for all the comments thanks for all the comments. Yes I know it is stupid to leave something like that out. I was pretty sure it was going to be sold so I carefully inspected it. I know all the workmen who were in our home very well and they have worked for me for years. Exceept the...
  3. phil dade

    Eden stolen_reward

    HI Guys, I hope everyone is well. I have beeen away for quite sometime. We moved last year, downsizing. Sometime in May -June of 2019, Bob Manzino- EDEN was stolen from my home in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. For all intents and purposes, Jacksonville. The sheriff's Department came to my home, a...
  4. phil dade

    McKernan Cue Cases Galore

    Very cool cases! I just learned something. Thanks for sharing!
  5. phil dade

    New addition to the Gus

    congratulations, very nice
  6. phil dade

    A Couple RON THOMAS cases

    Great collection of Ron Thomas cases. I love them!
  7. phil dade

    Balabushka by George...

    a beauty This is really nice! I think it is one of the most desirable I have seen! Congratulations on a great pick up.
  8. phil dade

    # still new ron thomas cases

    Here are three that have been sitting in my closet. Genuine alligator $2000, genuine python $1600, elephant $950. Show up to the derby in style!
  9. phil dade

    Kersenbrock 1970's

    A really nice cue!
  10. phil dade

    Latest Josey

    great fresh design and very crisp. Love it!
  11. phil dade

    Passing of a friend

    RIP Steve.
  12. phil dade

    Tad Kohara 16 Floating Points Cue 59-1/2" New Old Stock 2003!!

    Martin, this is a true beauty! Tads have a true romance with the various multiple yet similar themes. These floating point s are the nuts. BTW, I think they play great.
  13. phil dade

    Brunswick Centennial, Charlotte, North Carolina

    I love these, what is the wood on this table?
  14. phil dade

    2 Tad Kohara!😀

    Congratulations on a nice clean pair of TADs. I love the way they play!
  15. phil dade

    Viva Mexico!

    teilight zone Lou, what's up? I swear I saw a post over a year ago where yu and Gail went to Mexico and had a great time..met nice people etc? I think I am in the twilight zone? BR Phil
  16. phil dade

    Phil Eastwood All Hallows Halloween Case

    I saw it on FB and had to peek again, such a beauty. Congratulations!
  17. phil dade

    Frank paradise trio for sale

    Frank Paradise Frank Paradise cues are rare and play exceptional. These are great examples and very fairly priced to move. I have had Pete tascarella have a shaft for mine to go with my Rubino shafts. Great offering Randy, someone will be pleased.
  18. phil dade

    Tascarella Hoppe Rosewood

    Very nice. Being a Tascarella, you know it plays well.
  19. phil dade

    Some serious eye candy at the pool hall today . . .

    Your friend has good taste! Very nice cues.