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  1. Ron Cook

    Ronnie Allen challenge

    There are a bunch of players that would come out of their grave for $10,000. that may be 80 & 90 now. Can Ronnie actually post the money?
  2. Ron Cook

    Rheumatoid Arthritis and Pool

    Hello there! The below paragraph was referenced on AOL today and may be of some help, a natural remedy for RA. My wife has RA in her hands and feet on and off and she has been staying away from any drugs which may or may not help her symtoms and pain. I am going to print the below article and...
  3. Ron Cook

    Win entry into the Million Dollar Shootout for $88

    Who is going to play with NO chance of winning? Allen Jr., you and your dad are trying your best but the reality is who is going to play in a Million Dollar Tournament with very little chance to win? Who is going to pay airfare, housing, entry fees and be like Johnny Archer and loose $4,000...
  4. Ron Cook

    8-Ball Tournament this Sunday 8/3/08 $500. ADDED

    2nd. Annual Dave Piona Memorial Pool Tournament Come and join us this Sunday for Dave Piona's & Family Memorial Pool Tournament. There will also be a BBQ and sign up is at 12:00PM. For complete details please see the attached flyer, and we will see you there! For more details please call Cony @...
  5. Ron Cook

    Pool Tournament August 3rd. $500. ADDED.

    Dave Piona's Memorial 8-Ball Tournament Come and join us this Sunday, August 3rd. for a 8-Ball Memorial Pool Tournament for Dave Piona & Family. For complete details please see the attached flyer or call Cony @ 510-861-0829 or Tina @ 510-861-0812. The tournament will be at Vinnie's Bar in...
  6. Ron Cook

    Cochrans in San Franciso, some of their Best Players!

    Grady 05-13-2006, 03:23 PM This looks like a post by Grady in 2006 from the One Pocket Forum .... Link below! Cochran's was anything and everything, simply the greatest pool room ever. 1028 Market St. was the actual address. I worked there in 1963. I got paid two dollars an hour and often I'd...
  7. Ron Cook

    TAR: From The Vault; Bucktooth's Keno Game at the Derby. Free Video.

    There is no gaff, just gamble. As you can see in the video for 25 minutes the Tooth lost a bunch of money, and he did come with a friend and that guy lost $4,000. as well. Once your ball gets on the board it can go anywhere for every hole alters the ball's travel. Roll the ball too hard you go...
  8. Ron Cook

    best american player at 19yrs

    High Run? Jay, I heard several years back that Keith ran 26 racks in a row of 9 ball playing on a bar table. I don't who he was playing, or for how much, but he ended up loosing by the end of the night to the same player. Does anyone out there know more about this high run, or who Keith was...
  9. Ron Cook

    Keith McCready: Toughest Gamblers Ever

    I heard Denny Searcy was one of the best money players in California at one time. Also Cole Dixon was another, when he was young he went to LA and broke everone playing pay ball, and a whole bunch of great players was there playing at the time. Denny was before my time and I never got to see...
  10. Ron Cook

    Tony Chohan Vs Tyler Edey

    Tyler beat Tony in Sacramento, CA a Hard Times about a year ago playing 10 ball. Tyler won either $1,000. or $2,000 in a race to 15 I believe. I cannot remember the exact details but Tyler won.
  11. Ron Cook

    Just Spoke To Johnny Archer-cool story about what he is doing

    I agree with you Bval, and I respect Eric and what he is trying to do for pool very much. Maybe I should have asked him in a private message as opposed to the Forum about Johnny? Keep up the good work Eric, and thank you Bval for making the Corporate sponsorship clarification.
  12. Ron Cook

    Just Spoke To Johnny Archer-cool story about what he is doing

    Nike & Buick sponsors Tiger Woods! Jim, I was just trying to give credit to those few guys out there like Fatboy that have been considerate enough to sponsor a few players in major pool tournament events. Since our sport has very few sponsors those that do help I feel need to get credit for...
  13. Ron Cook

    A none murdered animal cue please.

    Did you know that it was the game of POOL that saved the Elephants during the turn of the century. It was either a cue ball importer or a citizen of this great country for I cannot remember who it was, that put up a REWARD of $25,000. for the first company to manufacture a Cue Ball made up by a...
  14. Ron Cook

    Just Spoke To Johnny Archer-cool story about what he is doing

    Nice post Eric on Archer! Did you sponsor him on that trip or is it something he did on his own for it is quite expense to travel overseas, the airfare alone, housing, food, etc. and to be able to come back with a profit. Was Johnny an invited guest? It certainly sounds like he is having fun...
  15. Ron Cook

    Haddad vs SVB ?

    This tread indicated earlier that Shane ran 9 racks in a row on Mark in their match is that correct?
  16. Ron Cook

    Haddad vs SVB ?

    Normally, with the 6 ball Mark would have a slight edge on any player especially should he get all the breaks. I think the 7 ball with all of the breaks would be about an even game with any player. Maybe Dennis or Efren could give Mark the 6 ball should winner break. Mark is subject to catch a...
  17. Ron Cook

    Haddad vs SVB ?

    Yep, Mark won the Open Bar Table Tournament in Reno a few years back. I think it was the 8 Ball Tournament, but I can't remember. Jay would know which one? Mark is subject to beat anyone playing at his best. No one has to like it. He did beat Earl Stickland in Reno I witnessed that race and he...
  18. Ron Cook

    RIP Bill "the Gun" Ganne

    To those of us that got to know Bill Ganne ...... We have lost a great player and a good friend with Bill Ganne passing from us. I was shocked to see an article of Bill leaving us. This man was pure joy to be around and always welcomed our company. Bill was a fierce competitor on the pool table...
  19. Ron Cook

    BCA Hall of Fame 2008 nominations?

    HOF Induction of Dan Louie, has my vote! Hands down, Mr. Dan Louie, this man has all the qualities of a great player, he has won a hundred or more local tournaments, and won a couple of US Major titles and has placed well in the money in numerious major tournaments accross the country. Dan has...
  20. Ron Cook

    Public Apology

    Bucktooth talks on-line ... Bucktooth and many other players post on AZ, they may use alias names but they are active on AZ Billiards. How many times has Grady posted on AZ, less than 10 times or more than 10? Anyone know? Will we not see Grady back?