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  1. BrooksBilliards

    Cue information

    I ran across some cues with this marking on it. Does anybody have any information about these cues? Thank you in advance.
  2. BrooksBilliards

    Old Sniper Cue Tips

    I am looking for a few of the older Tiger Sniper Cue Tips. The older ones do not have the red layer or the black layer. They are also considerably harder. PM me if you have any that you are interested in parting with. Thanks.
  3. BrooksBilliards

    Meucci Casino 10 - Carbon Fiber Pro

    This beautiful Casino 10 is looking for a new home! Bump
  4. BrooksBilliards

    Any nice 2x4 cases for sale?

    We have the just released Navy Cuetec Pro Line Case that is a 2x4 and we also have the 4x8 available as well. They are both very nice and functional cases! Send me a PM if you are interested.
  5. BrooksBilliards

    Meucci Casino 10 - Carbon Fiber Pro

    Their website is just a little behind and needs to be updated.
  6. BrooksBilliards

    Meucci Casino 10 - Carbon Fiber Pro

    Look at this stunning Meucci Casino 10 Cue! This Casino 10 is accented with Mother of Pearl inlays and paired with their Meucci Carbon Pro Shaft! Pictures truly do not do this cue justice! We are selling this cue for $1300! This cue is 19 oz and comes with the standard Meucci pin of 5/16 x 18...
  7. BrooksBilliards

    Navy Cuetec Pro Line Case 4x8 & 2x4

    Cuetec Pro Line Cases in Navy are in! We have both the 2×4 ($300) and the 4×8 ($300) Pro Line Cases available. These cases are packed with functionality and style to exceed the demands of the every day player and the champion alike. Cuetec Pro Line Cases ensure your cues and accessories are...
  8. BrooksBilliards

    Sold Simonis Slate Grey - 860 - 8 ft

    We do have some 860 Simonis Green. I’ll send you a message.
  9. BrooksBilliards

    Meucci Cue Refinish

    Sorry about your experience. I would have surely contacted Meucci if my cue “kind of fell apart” within 6 months. My customers seem to be having better luck with their cues than that. Meucci was purchased and is under new ownership. This cue was an example of their refinishing work and my...
  10. BrooksBilliards

    Meucci Cue Refinish

    I am a dealer for Meucci Cues and had a Meucci that was made in the 1990s refinished by them this past month. They did a great job and the turnaround time was good as well. I upgraded to a Pro Shaft where they utilized the collar from the original shaft and put it on the new Pro Shaft. Feel free...
  11. BrooksBilliards

    Sold Simonis Slate Grey - 860 - 8 ft

    Simonis 860 Slate Pool Table Billiard Cloth in Slate Grey. Price is $335 shipped in the continuous 48 states. The Standard for Pool (Worsted) Initially developed for 9-Ball. Slightly slower than the #760 Blend. Combed worsted wool, high thread count, and higher wool content assure long-lasting...
  12. BrooksBilliards

    Simonis 860HR - Royal Blue 8 ft

    8 ft Simonis Royal Blue 860HR - Best cloth in the business up for sale here. Price is $355. Price includes shipping to the continuous 48 states. If you are looking for cloth that will give you commercial-grade durability and professional quality performance and accuracy, then Simonis 860HR (High...
  13. BrooksBilliards

    Aramith Tournament Black TV Ball Set - New in box

    New in box Aramith Tournament Black TV Ball Set with Duramith Technology - $450 with shipping included - Cut back on those pool ball marks on your pool table. The Aramith Tournament "Black" Ball Set has a brand new design h Tournament "Black" TV Ball Set - produced specifically for TV and to cut...
  14. BrooksBilliards

    LF Simonis

    Did you ever find this? I have some cuts of Simonis available in 8 ft that is Tournament Blue
  15. BrooksBilliards

    Wanted: Decent Inexpensive break cue

    I have a new Action Break Cue with a phenolic tip and ferrule that weighs in at 25 oz. It really smashes the balls. $180 for it. I can send pics if you are interested.