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  1. cue_fanatic

    Joey Bautista cue in the works

    i second the motion :D
  2. cue_fanatic

    Joey Bautista cue in the works

    I beg to disagree with that butt being ugly... it's such a sweet-looking sexy butt :D
  3. cue_fanatic

    anyone have any Philippine cues F/S

    You may choose from the following list of good Filipino cuemakers I know of - Edwin Reyes, Linds, Al Bautista and Hadj. I believe they have their own websites and have posts here in AZ from time-to-time. Hope this helps. ;P George
  4. cue_fanatic

    Here now my Cue Collection

    Hi Ralf, That's an awesome collection you got there... I prefer the Arnot and Viatorre! They look awesome no-wrap cues!
  5. cue_fanatic

    Latest cue Completed at Full Splice Billiards

    the MOP butt cap is awesome... great match with the cue. as for the brunswick conversion - i envy the ringwork! awesome cues!
  6. cue_fanatic

    FS: New Wrapless Ebony/Alves cue--loaded and specially priced!

    nice cue... if i only had the money...
  7. cue_fanatic

    Do you like my '89 Phillippi?

    i must say it's a damn nice cue!
  8. cue_fanatic

    NFS: wrapless Carolina Custom

    awesome-looking cue!
  9. cue_fanatic

    My new Fanelli and some friends...

    i am drooling...........
  10. cue_fanatic

    Free Free Free Free

    hmm... i go with "31" ;P
  11. cue_fanatic

    Searing "Twins" Have ARRIVED

    awesome cues and definitely works of art ;P
  12. cue_fanatic

    2007 Acquisitions

    the Diveney and James White cues rock!
  13. cue_fanatic

    My lovely collective cue

    OMG! veeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy nnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiccccccccccceee ;P
  14. cue_fanatic

    Free Raffle for a Custom Case

    awesome gesture! email sent :)
  15. cue_fanatic

    My New Gilbert

    damn nice veneer work! ;P
  16. cue_fanatic

    cues in the works

    nice work... i kinda like the top one (butterfly points) :p
  17. cue_fanatic

    My New High End Arthur Cue

    A Definite Stunna! :) wish i had a stunning cue like that....