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  1. selftaut

    Fury 14.1 Challenge Roundup (Very Long Post) Good read though !!

    Nice job everyone! Kev
  2. selftaut

    What's with pool leagues?

    Well, I guess I will chime in here since I can add some first hand insight to the question(s). Team play is pretty much out in 14.1 league play, unless something is formed such as alternating shots from players on each team and they play 1 or 2 games or something like that. But that format would...
  3. selftaut

    What would you do here..?

    Thanks for all your thoughts everyone. 3stop, your pattern is what I would play as well. Shooting the 2 first to get to the 7 would leave you having to go underneath the 3 and get very good position on the 7 as well, if you get bad you are shooting the 3 uptable next. The 4 IMO is not an option...
  4. selftaut

    What would you do here..?

    Just wondering your opinion of the correct pattern. BTW - the 4 does pass the 9 in the upper corner, but barely. Kev
  5. selftaut

    2011 AZ Straight Pool Challenge!

    I played a couple of games this year, had a 44 in there. I am going to try and play some this year, for the first time in many years. Kev
  6. selftaut

    Greatest 14.1 players of all time.

    I would put the Miz on top and Mosconi second, and also insert Oliver Ortman, Niels, Thorston and Ray Martin. Just don't know which I could take out from your
  7. selftaut

    drunken alex live in the finals

    Congrats to Darren on first hanging in there waiting and wanting to play it out, and secondly on beating his drunken arsss.IMO Bill did what he should have done considering all the circumstances in place at the time. I think its better the event "played" to a conclusion despite Alex's antics...
  8. selftaut

    How about some stories... ?

    I was in the finals of a regional tournament going to 100. I had 99 and my opponent had 65. He had me tied up really good and I took 3 fouls intentionally, putting me back to 81. He got to 93 and had to play safe. Had me tied up real good again and I took 3 fouls again, now at 63. He got an open...
  9. selftaut

    group 2 and a cinderella story

    Sounds like you had a absolute blast! and that IS what its all about. Great story and thanks for sharing. Kev
  10. selftaut

    Some Updates

    Thanks Steve, best of luck in your next matches. Kev
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    groups 2 and 3 seem strong.
  12. selftaut

    Qualifier Update Thread for Long Island

    Congrats to all who are playing. Bob Madenjian is a world class player and Tom Walter deserved the invite, long time world class player. Nice tournament, my ol buddy Dave Hacket showed up as well from the south shore boston, glad to see him out and playing.
  13. selftaut

    Top US straight pool players

    Charlie, you can't keep beating everyone on the planet in straights, then say you can't play a lick. We don't believe you anymore! :) Kev
  14. selftaut

    No CSI National Championship this year??

    Holly tells me that there has been discussion about "aspects" of the NCS format continuing, but nothing set in stone. Myself, I don't think we will see anything this year. Kev
  15. selftaut

    Who's Style and Why ? In 14.1

    When you suck as bad as I do you don't want to associate it with any great players names. :(
  16. selftaut

    Another what's the rule question.

    When I read the post I thought it said he nudged a ball, which would have been ruled: 6.11 Bad Play from Behind the Head String When the cue ball is in hand behind the head string, and the first ball the cue ball contacts is also behind the head string, the shot is a foul unless the cue ball...
  17. selftaut

    Another what's the rule question.

    This was a foul by your opponent and is also considered unsportsmanlike conduct in a tournament, which could assess any penalty the ref desires.
  18. selftaut

    Too Much Emphasis on Numbers

    I think it was 1969 when Jimmy Caras won the worlds and never ran more than 55 balls in any match. And all the greats of the time were there of course. SJM can probably correct me if I am off on this, but I think I am close. And just another thought of a more recent non-tournament match. Mr...
  19. selftaut

    Where's the Happy Birthday Steve Lipsky Thread?

    Happy birthday Steve, keep shootin striaght! Kev
  20. selftaut

    Amsterdam Billiards 14.1 League Night 1

    OK, I am laying 3/2 on David against Charlie lagging best of 100 lags. David lags 1 handed. WINDOW IS OPEN!!!!!!!!!:)