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  1. asmith74

    WTB - IPAT Level 1 DVD and or Workbook

    I’m looking for the DVD and or Workbook, if you have a copy that you’re willing to part with please let me know. Thanks!
  2. asmith74

    software for cue drawing

    link update? Does anyone have an updated link for this software? Thanks!
  3. asmith74

    New Hampshire/MA pool halls

    Billiards Club Master level instructor Ken Tewksbury just changed his pool school into a private billiards club. I'm not sure on all of the details but I just spoke to him last week and he said he is looking for new members. This is his website and he always...
  4. asmith74

    Turning Stone Classic: Updates

    Awesome, Thank you!
  5. asmith74

    Turning Stone Classic: Updates

    Does anyone have a link for the brackets? Thanks!
  6. asmith74

    Double Black Linen Phenolic Tube

    I guess that's an option. Thanks!
  7. asmith74

    Double Black Linen Phenolic Tube

    Does anyone have any Double Black Linen Phenolic Tube from Atlas Supply that you'd be willing to sell? I don't really need a lot, 6" would be great but I can deal with less. Atlas is out of stock and I have a cue waiting on a butt cap. These are the dimensions I need: .750" ID x 1.375" OD Thanks!
  8. asmith74

    Finish Dents

    Hey all, I have a bit of a noob question about dents in the finish of a Dufferin House Cue. There are a total of 5 of these dents along with some surface nicks in the finish. Do you think this is a strip down and refinish or fill in and blend issue? I read a few other posts and there...
  9. asmith74

    GC 3 Dead rail?

    Hi all, Would someone with an educated eye be willing to tell me if there are any indications in the pictures why one rail would play slower than the other? This is a Gold Crown 3 and they both play a bit slow but the one on top is much slower than the one the bottom. Thanks for any help!
  10. asmith74

    Angel Investor?

    Does anyone have any experience working with an Angel Investor or building a business plan to attract an Angel Investor? I thought it may be an interesting topic to explore as it doesn’t seem to have been covered yet. Thanks!
  11. asmith74

    Best ways to focus without pills

    I'm only on the second chapter but this seems to have some good ideas:
  12. asmith74

    WTB Henning Pro Book or DVD

    Looking for the Henning Pro Book & Advanced Books or DVDs. PM me with details. Thanks!
  13. asmith74

    I made a vision center alignment board

    I used the line tool in publisher, printed it out and wow. Thanks for the idea! :thumbup:
  14. asmith74

    SBE Brackets?

    Thanks for the brackets! I’m not complaining, I love the SBE, I just find it strange that you have these international world beaters in one place and it’s basically invisible to everyone that’s not inside the building. Seems like a waste of a true asset. Very strange :scratchhead:
  15. asmith74

    SBE Brackets?

    Brackets are not posted yet. Does anyone there have an update? Thanks!!
  16. asmith74

    Diamond Bar Box in Maryland

    Thanks for the heads up everyone, really appreciate it! Looking to get in stroke for SBE. I'm probably headed to Winters Run Inn sometime this week if anyone wants to play some for practice or cheap sets PM me.
  17. asmith74

    Diamond Bar Box in Maryland

    That's the great thing about Essex and Dundalk, The people from Essex will tell you the S#*t plant smell comes from Dundalk and the people from Dundalk will tell you the smell comes from Essex. I'm guessing not much has changed :thumbup: Anyone have anything a little further north?
  18. asmith74

    Diamond Bar Box in Maryland

    Does anyone know of a pool hall or bar with a diamond bar box in the White Marsh, Towson, Hunt Valley, Reisterstown (Northern) area of Maryland? Thanks for any help!
  19. asmith74

    Mind of Steel - Goal Setting byb Dr. Christopher Stankovich

    luck and/or praying from your chair are not traits that a skilled player relies on in competition. I think there is plenty to be gleaned from this article but you have to be willing to do the heavy lifting. I don’t think any top player could point to any one article that had all of the answers...
  20. asmith74

    MD State 9 ball championship Updates

    Perfect, thank you!