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  1. fat Albert

    What kind of cue please !

    does anybody have an idea or guess on the name of the cue ? No markings that I can see.
  2. fat Albert

    What is this cue? Need help!

    anybody have an idea of what this cue is ? No name on cue!
  3. fat Albert

    Barry Cameron cues

    I understand Barry has retired. Anybody have a contact number . I would like to see if he had a butt cap so I could repair a cue with the butt cap that has his name on it . Thanks! You can text if you like 336-275-9627. Thanks
  4. fat Albert

    Last Three Mosconi Cup Points Tournaments.

    Your info is I believe accurate except the last three Mosconi Points Tournaments allowed for a couple of Players on the bubble to conflict with points standing. Also the pre selection caused a few top players to pass on the events . My point again, why have Mosconi points Tournament if selection...
  5. fat Albert

    Last Three Mosconi Cup Points Tournaments.

    Why have Mosconi Cup Points tournaments if the Team is chosen before the last three Tournaments.!
  6. fat Albert

    Johnny Archer & Rodney "Rocket " Morris

    In Greensboro N.C tonight at Gate City Billiards 7:00pm come by and watch or play . Two Ledgens of Pool.
  7. fat Albert

    Atlantic Challenge Cup . The future Mosconi Cup Team

    This is about supporting and promoting Pool from a younger age and giving them encouragement from a young age to advance the future of pool.
  8. fat Albert

    Atlantic Challenge Cup . The future Mosconi Cup Team

    The 2017 Atlantic Challenge Cup Team playing Europe in Austria in a few weeks. What a great opportunity and experience for them as they may well be the future of The Mosconi Cup team for the USA in four or five years. Players April Larson ,Sierra Reams, Manny Perez, Ricky Evans, Shane Wolford...
  9. fat Albert

    Ring Game - Shake "Rule"

    Shakes in ring games occur by stating befor hand we are going to shake after 3 games or 5 games etc but you shake at the end of whatever you agreed to consistently. The other option is before you break you declare I am shaking next game . The reason is very similar to why in one pocket when you...
  10. fat Albert

    Question for players that were into the Chapel Hill NC pool scene in the early 2000's

    It was definitely B J Ussery you can You tube matches of him or google to see matches . also Mike fuller and Robert Ray were strong. as was Lance Turner back inthe day.What was your name ? Gene Williams who owned Oscars sold it and moved to Louisiana. Gene has past away and the new owners...
  11. fat Albert

    Greensboro 1p ?

    8 inches of snow cancelled
  12. fat Albert

    Johnny Archer's Pool Room ! The Real story!

    Yes Rich you did stand corrected and made honest effort to correct. My apology to you in my choice of an adjective. No insult intended .
  13. fat Albert

    Johnny Archer's Pool Room ! The Real story!

    It's very sad and destructive when buffones and uninformed individuals want to start a thread of rumor that is incorrect and damaging. Here are the facts and the truth . As some of you know I am a close friend for many years with Johnny and talk many times every week . Johnny has for sometime...
  14. fat Albert

    Buying a table 800 miles away?

    Why would anyone need to go 800 miles to buy a table unless you were stealing in the price . You aren't stealong
  15. fat Albert

    Oscar Left Out of Mosconi Cup... Again

    Let me just say that after Paul Harvey and a few others speak then you will know the rest of the story. But it will be after the Mosconi Cup. Food for thought if Oscar would have passed Rodney in Kuwait tournament Rodney would be watching on TV and Oscar would be on the team . Again why would...
  16. fat Albert

    The wildcard spots have been announced

    What is the case or reason for Jumping over Oscar to get to Bergman ? Why didn't Bergman go to Kuwait to play his way to number 5 or even higher? In my opinion He knew already his Buddy Mark was going to pick him. No need to spend the money to go. There is to much History between the Two. Why...
  17. fat Albert

    Mosconi Team USA Wildcard thoughts

    Why didn't Justin Bergman play last week oversees like the others that were on the fence? He could have played his way in. One reason may have been that Mark already told him he was on the team ? No need to spend the money ? Yes,no, maybe! Go off the list like last year Rodney and Oscar ! Lots...
  18. fat Albert

    Johnny Archer: can make impact on Mosconi Cup Team

    Again you did not respond to the post Jack Nickalaus missed many tournaments to watch kids and grandkids . If you play played in every qualifier you basically could not make money with the cost of travel and expenses . The only ones that did had sponsors they did not make money
  19. fat Albert

    Johnny Archer: can make impact on Mosconi Cup Team

    Everybody has bad years but I think his overall winning percentage and no lose year speaks of his excellence in this venue