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  1. dquarasr

    America vs Rest of the World

    Before I got down to this post I looked up Eric Roberts and I was surprised to see a Fargo of “only” 717. I talked with him last year after watching him warm up. Friendly fellow. I would certainly be rooting for him if I see him in any tournaments. Hopefully he can continue to develop and be a...
  2. dquarasr

    Any Reason Not to Use a Brush or a Vac With a Brush Attachment on Cloth?

    Tru dat but needed maintenance is so much less frequently. I play about an hour a day. I bought V10 in December. Looking at it now it’s hard to tell it’s been used except that the outside paper is worn a little from handling. There is hardly any chalk missing from the original shape (I am a...
  3. dquarasr

    Cue wrap preference

    OMG, rereading this paragraph: yes, I’m still talking about Irish linen ON POOL CUES !!
  4. dquarasr

    Cue wrap preference

    My local cue maker rewrapped my vintage Adam. It came back very slick. He suggested trying wax paper. Didn’t like that either. So I barely moistened a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and gently ran it up and down the linen (having tested it on a part of the wrap I would typically use a lot less...
  5. dquarasr

    Reconfiguring Your Game…Game Goes Down The Toilet?

    If you are rebuilding your game, steps backwards are expected and highly probable. Hang in there. (Assuming you did indeed have bad fundamentals you needed to undo and rebuild.)
  6. dquarasr

    The best video of a Carbon Fiber shafts deflection testing with a robot arm

    Wouldn’t such testing yield better real-world results if it were performed by professional pool players, on a real table, rails left installed, swerve not eliminated? I mean, for any given shot, we would want to account for where the CB actually lands, right? Isn’t that, rather than the...
  7. dquarasr

    why do pros aim so low on the cue ball at cue ball address???

    Never watched Busty play?
  8. dquarasr

    why do pros aim so low on the cue ball at cue ball address???

    "Most pros"? I haven't noticed that. Only a few do so based on what I've seen. "Most" address the CB where they intend to hit it.
  9. dquarasr


    A few years ago I sold a set of brake calipers and shipped it USPS. I'll admit the box was heavy, but I received no comments or concerns from the local post office when I dropped it off. It got lost somewhere. Intended path was from Fort Lauderdale to somewhere in Texas (was it Houston? I...
  10. dquarasr

    Rules for an APA league

    I'm sure that's not an APA rule but a house rule.
  11. dquarasr

    how are ya'll doing in league ?

    Sonovabitch! Played an 8-ball APA match tonight, SL6/SL6, 5-5 race. This player and I have played before in BCA 14.1; I lost by two balls in that match. So much fun. Tonight we had so much fun again. I went out to a 2-0 lead, then he won 3 racks, Then I won two, on the hill. He won one...
  12. dquarasr

    New high speed camera

    Yup. I can hear it now: "Um, I need your $100 league match fee."
  13. dquarasr


    Oh, thank god! You found the period my girlfriend was missing. Whew!!
  14. dquarasr

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Apparent Lee
  15. dquarasr

    The best video of a Carbon Fiber shafts deflection testing with a robot arm

    On the side spin shots I made an effort to look at closely, the cue ball was spinning quite quickly.
  16. dquarasr

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Who keeps a dildo on their bookshelf? Unless they’re advertising……..
  17. dquarasr

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    I feel badly I laughed at both the meme and the comment. How small of me. It’s not polite to belittle…. oh, hell, there I go again. P.S. I’m 5’5”, as irrelevant as that may be.
  18. dquarasr

    The best video of a Carbon Fiber shafts deflection testing with a robot arm

    I thought the same thing. I would have expected that the center ball hits would have hit the same point for all four shots. Clearly not the case. Something was off, invalidating the data on spin shots.
  19. dquarasr

    7 ball

    The problem for most C and D players, myself included, is that they (we) have the belief that every new rack, every turn at the table is an opportunity to run out, in spite of a history of not being able to go beyond 5 ball runs in 100 tries. Like Brian at FX Billiards says in one of his...
  20. dquarasr

    There is a First Time for Everything-a surprise with my recent cue purchase Here

    Apologies for the thread hijack. Someone gave me the plain Adam. It had a dark green wrap, which needed to be redone. I asked my local cue maker, Ed Petersen of EAP Cues, to rewrap it in black to go with the EAP CF shaft he made for it. I use it as my player. Plastic joint. I scored the...