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    OB Carbon fiber shafts

    Does anybody have an opinion regarding the new to come OB line of shafts with a carbon fiber core? They are still going to be wood on the outside. $400 your choice of all their present shafts.
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    Slate Billiards

    Does anyone know anything about this new pool hall in Smyrna Delaware that just opened? First State Billiards in Dover closed a couple years ago leaving a big void in the area. I visit Dover once a year and like to play every night while visiting family. Great straight pool players I hope to see...
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    Pool Halls in Stuart or Jupiter Fl. ?

    Are there any real pool halls with 9 foot tables with fast cloth in the Stuart, Jupiter Fl. Area?
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    jump cue suggestions...Diamond wood?

    Joe Bouska diamond wood jumper. Nothing even comes close. I bought mine from Mike Massey. He uses and sells these. Since I got mine at least 15 people here in Denver who have tried it have bought one. One guy bought 5.
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    Gambling...not sure I like it, even when I win.

    In my pool hall there are so many good players just sitting around that won't play you a game unless you gamble. They would rather just sit there and do nothing. They have obviously lost their love for the game. The gamble took over and ruined it for them. Like so many posting here. Hey to each...
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    Albuquerque pool halls

    Are there any there with GC or diamond 9 footers?
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    What This Town Needs is a Pool Hall!

    FELT in Denver has the right formula. Very busy money making place. Great tables all sizes. Enough people buying drinks to support the real players. Good food too. Beautiful building with a nightclub atmosphere.
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    pawn shop score. lucasi and a mali

    I got a Harvey Martin plane Jane cue at an estate sale on my street last year for $1. My friend skierlawyer was so excited I gave it to him.
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    Developing the New Generation of Pocket Billiard Players - What Can We Do?

    Finally a difinitive solution.
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    Jump Cue?

    Nothing jumps like a Joe Bouska Diamondwood. Bought mine from Mike Massey, his jump cue of choice. If you try it you will buy it. It jumps like magic.
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    So I got drunk, gambled, almost got kicked out and bought a cue

    We finally sprung for a new car and gave my daughter our beloved 2001 mitsubishi montero we had since new. She totaled it in 2 weeks.
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    So I got drunk, gambled, almost got kicked out and bought a cue

    Wait till college, grad school, totaled cars, condo down payments and on and on and on. I have a meucci on my rack also.
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    Gabriels 10 Ft Pool Table

    Ive played extensively on Gabrial 9 ft 4.5 inch pocket tables and they are amazing. So similar to Diamonds but without the over springy rails. Of course I no nothing but the playability. First State Billiards in Dover closed so Im wondering where their 4 Gabrials ended up. Any Clues?
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    Real or fake - Super Aramith Pro Balls FS Goodwill auction website

    Even if they were real, balls wear our. Why would you buy used balls? Thats like putting used spark plugs in a car. Dumb
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    Bonus Ball - Thoughts After It All...

    8 Ball, 9 Ball or straight pool I would have paid for a subscription for sure. At least one season to see how much I used it. It can still be done. Find the next guy with cash to extinguish to take over the venue. Pay the players that need a job normal wages, whatever that is. It would have to...
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    Brunswick GC VI?

    Why is a GC $11000 and a Diamond $6000? Something isnt right. I was in a store and the salesman told me $11000. I laughed and told him I can get a Diamond for $6000. He didn't even have a comeback for me because he knew it was ridiculous.
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    Click for a laugh.....

    Nobody young plays it and they dont know what their missing. Its arguably the best pool game. When I was 12 and went to the new pool hall (with 15 gc1's) every day after school this is the game me and everyone there played.
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    Your best thrift store, garage sale, or pawn shop billiard find

    I Bought a Harvey Martin plain Jane for 1 dollar at an estate sale. Gave it to my friend Skier Lawyer for his collection.
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    Can our sport ride the green wave ???

    Pot is everywhere here in Colorado. You can smell it growing in warehouses and homes driving all over town. Shops are everywhere with big signs displaying the green cross. When you walk in its just like buying gum at 7/11. People smoke openly as long as police are not present. People use vape...
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    SVB clinic on YouTube

    Watch the kick on 3:38