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  1. swrooster

    Shane's racking "trick"

    Every participant knew the rules and procedures prior to paying their entry fees...just your match...shake their hand win or lose...shut the hell up...
  2. swrooster

    I won my first Tournament One Pocket match!!

    Did Janis Show Up? So now I guess that you will be throwing in some pointers and assisting Gabe in some new instructional videos?:D Somehow I think this is a plot that would allow you additional exposure to score some more chicken dinners.
  3. swrooster

    Montgomery, AL

    Any weekly pool tournies in Montgomery on Saturday nites? I'll be there the 18th, I think I've seen the Break Room before.
  4. swrooster

    My Most Impressive Foul Ever...All Time...

    The thing that concerns me most is diagraming the incident on stationary displaying a smiling, swearing pussy...
  5. swrooster

    the sub culture thread got me thinking.

    Futbol can be played in barrios, slums, goat fields, parks, backyards, school recess, at the river by drop outs,etc., you get my drift. The more people available, an open space and a ball is all that is required. Billiards on the other hand was a recreation for royality. They could afford the...
  6. swrooster

    Our Pool Subculture-----Deceptive To Us and the Outside World

    Great Thread...I bet the folks I deal with in the board rooms don't have a clue about the folks in the pool room. A lot of similiar actions, just a different setting...
  7. swrooster

    5 cue sale

    Price drop..........$1100.00 for all
  8. swrooster

    Video of me shooting. Clearly using CTE....

    Ahhh...a funny guy..
  9. swrooster

    The 60 Year Ride Is Over

    first...............JohnnyT, me thinks you're trying to set up a score. I made the ghost on my table wear a back brace too, it softened him up a little.
  10. swrooster

    A real creep

    Noooo :eek::eek:Say it isn't sooo...:eek::eek: Sorry Grady, damn pool players...
  11. swrooster

    My first Recut points cue!

    Real nice...the first one is extra special.
  12. swrooster

    F/S: Paul Mottey '08

    Nice cues, looks like some west Texas slug rack though...
  13. swrooster

    5 cue sale

    To the top.........;-)
  14. swrooster

    5 cue sale

    Thanks Nick Thanks for posting Nick. Yes the Schon with the black butt cap is a LTD 1 of 12.
  15. swrooster

    5 cue sale

    Trying to attach some pictures. Until it's done pm me and I will e-mail you some...Royce
  16. swrooster

    5 cue sale

    Time to make room- 2-Schons with three shafts, both bought new in '89 or '90 (some of the foggy years). The basic four point ebony and BEM with black single speck white Irish linen wrap. Excelent condition, used as a back up. The other is a limited 8 point with multiple inlays of ivory, mother...
  17. swrooster

    Like Fast Eddie, I'm a Loser

    Every Game You must strive to win every game. Don't "waste" shots. As in golf a wasted shot still counts as one full stroke. So basic, the importance of every stroke.
  18. swrooster

    Where is Mark Belfuss now?

    Humph....If you are wanting to talk about a young phenom there's that Travis Trotter, wowzers that kid was great....
  19. swrooster

    Jimmy Moore ball counting trick

    I can't hold four balls in one hand...I'm out...
  20. swrooster

    Thin Cut Shots

    Mis-cue It helps you mis-cue.:grin: