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  1. Jobba786

    Erwin cues

    I am looking for Erwin cues. Now I am on 14, soon 15, but still looking. -Jon Birger
  2. Jobba786

    LIVE STREAM 10 BALL RT8 Norwegian 1st division west

    final starts soon -Jon Birger
  3. Jobba786

    Group Pictures

    Nice collection! -Jon Birger
  4. Jobba786

    Top 5 playing cues

    Of the cues I have played with: Erwin Carolina Custom OB Predator Pierce -Jon Birger
  5. Jobba786

    Wtb Alex brick jump cue

    Alex Brick jump cues I have these two ones for sale: 3/8x10 pins/threads, 41/47 inches, 13 mm ferrule, White Diamond tip Black & Green: Shaft: 6,1oz & 29" Butt: 5,4oz & 12" Extension: 3,2oz & 6" Tricolor: Shaft: 5,7oz & 29" Butt: 5,4oz & 12" Extension: 3,2oz & 6" I have more pictures...
  6. Jobba786

    Those markers ref use when cleaning cueball

    The fit will not be perfect, but most markers will work fine. The dimensions of the balls in the area touching the marker are not very different, and the smaller the marker, the better the larger ball fit. -Jon Birger
  7. Jobba786

    Looking for Erwin cues

    What did you do hence "my bad"? My collection is growing, and I play with them all. During this winter I think the number will be at least 14. Happy new year! -Jon Birger One cue has even received a refinish:
  8. Jobba786

    Prices for repairs

    I have Ultraskin Tips in Haugesund, Norway. That is slightly closer to Oslo, Norway than Moscow, Russia :-) I guess I have about 15; a couple S and some more M and H. Just send me a pm if you are interested. -Jon Birger
  9. Jobba786

    Protecting your cue from harsh weather

    As already mentioned wait a while until cues reach room temperature before you play with them. -Jon Birger
  10. Jobba786

    My collection for sale!!

    I did buy that beautiful Erwin cue. Someone has drilled out the entire butt sleeve and on into under wrap area. The seller did not know about that. The seller offered me a return which is very positive (and I leaved a + I-trader). I did not want to return the cue as it is in the hands of Scott...
  11. Jobba786

    New Panjo Marketplace

    You can sort the threads by latest posts. -Jon Birger
  12. Jobba786

    there are cue balls and then there are cue balls

    At home a have the aramith tournament set with the black logo cue ball. Normally I use all balls from that set except the cue ball. I use the red dots cue ball. Maybe it is a visual issue and that I am more used to that ball, but I feel the red dots cue ball is easier to move around (draw shots...
  13. Jobba786

    Alex Pagulayan and OB Cues

    2012 DCC - -Jon Birger
  14. Jobba786

    Alex Pagulayan and OB Cues

    The break cue looks to be purple heart with wrap and maple shaft. One of his playing cues looks to be OB 133 and the other one is this one, I think: -Jon Birger
  15. Jobba786

    Alex Pagulayan and OB Cues

    Hi! I was wondering if somebody knows whether Alex Pagulayans sponsorship with OB Cues has ended. I see his named has been removed from the list of OB-players on, and during the last tournaments including US Open it looks like he breaks with another cue, and that he alternates...
  16. Jobba786

    PPV Sept 30 - Oct 2 $6000 Entry One Pocket 8 Champions

    Ok, thanks, I didn't expect it to finish that soon. I have been watching Eurotour - Dutch Open until now. It was nice to watch the 1-pocket, the 3-4 matches I saw. I like good production and good commentary. Though I have to admit that the price of appr. 30 usd for the event was a bit high, even...
  17. Jobba786

    PPV Sept 30 - Oct 2 $6000 Entry One Pocket 8 Champions

    Why is there no stream now? I did pay for the event pass. Thanks, Jon Birger
  18. Jobba786

    WTB Samsara J/B tips

    I am still looking. The seller backed out 3-4 weeks after I sent payment, so I am still in need of 5-6 Samsara J/B tips. -Jon Birger
  19. Jobba786

    OB lift and rift shafts

    I would install a harder tip on it, or before buying contact ob so you get the right tip straight away. -Jon Birger
  20. Jobba786

    Predator Ikon 5 (2d generation) and Predator Air2

    If there are already weight bolts there, you can remove them. If not there is some work to be done to reduce weight. The cartridge should bit both second generation ikon and air 2. -Jon Birger