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  1. dbyap

    Ivor-X ferrules

    I am looking to buy a couple of Ivor-X ferrules, anybody have any for sale?
  2. dbyap

    FT: Mint Jim Murnak 3x6 case

    How much????
  3. dbyap

    $$$$$ Jacoby HYBRID shaft 3/8-10 $$$$$

    what does the collar look like?
  4. dbyap

    FS: Whitten Case 2x4

    Are you sure it is the lite version? pic shows tubes in the case
  5. dbyap

    WTB 3/8 x 10 Jump Handle/Butt

    I have an old handle, that I believe is a Woody handle for sale for $50
  6. dbyap

    McDermott I2 shaft

    pm sent to you
  7. dbyap

    Fs leather 3x5 with stingray pocket case priced to sell

    Pm sent I think, pm me if you didnt get it
  8. dbyap

    Wrapless Rick Howard Cocobolo with Curly Maple Handle

    what is the pin on that cue?
  9. dbyap

    Cliff Joyner's cue?

    As far as I know, he still does. Or cue with the same pin, hadn't seen him in a few years though.
  10. dbyap

    Tiger Shafts

    Yes, your predator will have a lot more deflection than a standard predator. Since predators have a hallow spot in the middle of the shaft wall integrity is essential to keep deflection down. I believe 12.5 is the skinniest that a predator shaft can go before it looses it looses its ability to...
  11. dbyap

    LTB - Southwest cue

    Thanks Sean, The weight thing is good to know. I will be up at Derby for the first weekend and will talk to Scott.
  12. dbyap

    LTB - Southwest cue

    Thank you for the advice
  13. dbyap

    LTB - Southwest cue

    Hi All, I am new to this ltb thing. I am looking to buy a Southwest cue. I am looking for it to be in the 18 to 19 ounce range. Would really like it to have no wrap or one that needs to be replaced. I am looking to spend around 1800 to 2100 on it. Send me what you guys got
  14. dbyap

    Southwest-Bob Hunter cue for sale

    sw cue pm sent sir
  15. dbyap

    Fs: Tulipwood 6 point olney

    pm sent Hi sent you a pm for the cue if it isn't sold already
  16. dbyap

    All League Players - Poll as to Money Spent on League Night ***

    Most of the establishments that I play league in, I pay a green fee in addition to my APA fee. Table money is usually collected up front when the team captains pick league paperwork. it is usually $10 per team at a cost of $2 extra per player that plays. Most of the places I play have drop...
  17. dbyap

    Jerry McWorter Brand new

    specs? what are the specs on the cue?
  18. dbyap

    Dominiak shafts and cues

    shaft question pm sent with a question
  19. dbyap

    tiger shaft

    I sent you a pm on the shaft. How old is it?
  20. dbyap

    Steal this TNT Shooter!!!!

    ob shaft what has been done to shaft? Looks like a real ferrule has been put on it.