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  1. olauzon

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Stupidest shit i think i ever seen here.
  2. olauzon

    Smorgass Bored Update

    Me too miss Doug something silly, but of course it's a good missing, imo. I think of him every time I check in here.
  3. olauzon

    Bumperless Custom Cues?

    i hate the 'thump' my butt make as i walk away from a missed shot. with a bumper less, at least i get a good 'knock' and a 'pfffftt' from the other
  4. olauzon

    !! Mr wilson turns 50 !!

    Happy, happy happy 50th Dave. And bless your sole, thinking you limp and stagger late on weekend nights.. bless them both.
  5. olauzon

    New game. "Three pockets"

    personally i'm a champ in two pockets, as i win every game i play. while i won't go into the details of rules, there's just not many of em; single player game and the pocket winning the lag usually wins.
  6. olauzon

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    that's supposed to be " I don't always drink beer - but when I do - I get drunk and f*** fat womans
  7. olauzon

    Ts sneaky

    could you fax me a drawing? me for one don't want to buy a cue unseen.
  8. olauzon

    Methods to remove sticky feeling on cue

    what are the methods of getting a sticky feeling on a cue? eum.. wait, we might not want to hear this..
  9. olauzon

    Leaving AZ For Reasons ....

    pff hahaha
  10. olauzon

    2nd ball break

    come to think of it, try third ball breaks as well, maybe a little firmer than the optimum 2nd ball break. your ratio of making the 8 goes way down, but the spread is not bad at all which translates into decent pocketing ratio too.
  11. olauzon

    2nd ball break

    oh i know, you just put a lol'y picture between my ears. i personally use second ball break if i break dry from the top. it's about speed more than anything else, and the optimum speed isn't nearly demanding martial art techniques. vary the speed and look for spread & path of the 8-ball. your...
  12. olauzon

    2nd ball break

    lol you're a funny man berlow
  13. olauzon

    Describe the sound.....

    hm, interesting. i have a muffler on mine.. what brand is yours scott?
  14. olauzon

    Borana Andoni vs "omgwtf"

    was your taxreturn that bad? you know she will still put her heel down hard on your toe if you'd get too close. cheers to the girls for putting this on. cheers to all girls on AZ actually. you all are awesome! i'll be there watching, wearing steel-toe shoes of course.
  15. olauzon

    Where "exactly" do diamonds go on a table?

    jim, they need to go on the rail, preferably on the top of it. hope this helps.
  16. olauzon

    Never playing 9-ball again!!!

    i just have to agree with whatever it was he said
  17. olauzon

    Happy Birthday and Happy New Year

    thank you sir, thank you
  18. olauzon

    On a stroke shot, how much follow through?

    i try to hit atleast 2 balls with every follow thru i ever take. some people object, others just fold thus giving me the game by forefeit. i'm by no means saying it's the best technique, but darn effective. bows,
  19. olauzon

    Chicken Chit Move Or Not ?

    in light of this new formerly unbeknown information, i personally think it's an even more chickenshit move than what i did from day one. sure "nice game" can be said in various ways, but can it be interpreted in various ways?
  20. olauzon

    Larry Nevel quitting pool

    we can all become basketball players