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  1. tduncan

    Josswest Box Cues (Early) by Bill Stroud

    Some outstanding cues here!
  2. tduncan

    JOSS BOX cue from 1990's

    I own the cue now. Not actively trying to sell but if you are interested in acquiring the cue, shoot me an offer!
  3. tduncan

    Another Legend lost. R.I.P. Dan Janes

    A sad day indeed! I appreciate all our conversations and correspondences about cues he made and for putting up with all my questions! He was very kind and first class, a true gentleman. He will be missed! Condolences to Steve, Deb and family....
  4. tduncan

    Opinions on JOSS cues

    Opinion? They are the nutz:)
  5. tduncan

    Tim Scruggs Silver Bullet

    Sweet cue Nick!
  6. tduncan

    F/S: Two JOSS shafts (dash ringwork)

    Still available
  7. tduncan

    F/S: Two JOSS shafts (dash ringwork)

    Hey guys! I have two JOSS high end ferrule shafts for sale. Outstanding shafts. Made in 2011 so wood has aged nicely. Both are dead straight. Shaft 1: 29 1/2 in . 12.8mm . 4.1oz Shaft 2: 29 1/2 in . 12.9mm . 4.2oz $old Shipped I would like to sell as a pair but will separate possibly...
  8. tduncan

    Joss- 1968-1979- Post your Pictures Please!!!

    Sweet cue Monte! I like your style!
  9. tduncan

    Rare Block Letter Joss Bumperless Hoppe-For Sale

    Great example of a Joss with a Bill Stroud logo.
  10. tduncan

    WTB Joss’ Harlequin cue

    Probably best to contact Steve Janes & have him build you one.
  11. tduncan

    1970's Block Letter Era JOSS cue + Bear Case

    Great looking cue!
  12. tduncan

    2 Joss Cues! Late 70’s Early 80’s

    I have one. These are the only other two I’ve seen tho. These appear to be engraved by Bill Stroud also which would make them 1972 or earlier. Dick Abbot had these for a while on his site I think he said a very old guy owned both maybe the one I have as well. I think maybe he...
  13. tduncan

    Can you straighten a warped shaft?.....Manwon can!

    I was the original poster & all the shafts are as good as they were when he straightened them out.
  14. tduncan

    JOSS 1990s N20...Box cue

    Thanks, I did know it was available there. In Germany :(
  15. tduncan

    WTB: Original Joss shaft

    I have one.
  16. tduncan

    Wanted: Old Joss shaft 3/8-10 joint 1970s

    I’ve got one. Let me look for it. I was saving it.
  17. tduncan

    Wanted: Old Joss shaft 3/8-10 joint 1970s

    What ringwork?
  18. tduncan

    1970s JOSS/Joss West shaft Fits 3/8x10

    1970s JOSS or Joss West shaft. Awesome shaft here. I was saving it in case I needed it to match a cue but that doesn't look like it will happen. Nice dark brown wood. Straight! Nice ferrule. 2nd Gen NOS Morri tip with red pad. Ready for action! 28.5 in 3.7 oz. 13.8mm (not a typo)...