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    Air Rush, what different tips have been used?

    I use the Horo White Storm jump tip. Jumps effortless. Better than the original.
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    3 seconds 3x5 case

    I use this for storage. Barely used
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    LTT My BK Gold rush with sport wrap for wrapless bk rush

    I have a BK Rush gold rush with sport wrrap. Only 2 weeks old but sport wrap is just not my thing. I am looking for a wrapless bk rush butt in either Gold or the Redline. I also have 30“ Bk rush shaft for possible trade
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    Is their a difference in revo shafts The front end is slightly diffeent. Before the rush came out, a lot of people used the 12.9 to break with.
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    Molinari Gloves

    Second that
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    Sold Predator cues and Predator accessories

    Sang Lee no longer available Bump
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    Predator Extension stacking

    Because the newer extensions are a better design.
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    Predator Extension stacking

    company called Crical makes stackable extensions and they’re made out of aluminum. They are good quality
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    Sold Predator cues and Predator accessories

    BK Rush is no longer availble Package price for what is listed
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    30” break shaft

    What were the benefits?
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    30” break shaft

    30” breaks shaft on a 29” butt. Anyone have experience or feedback?
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    Predator Extension stacking

    No, you cannot stack the predator extensions. There are the generic extensions that you can stack.
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    Becue makes a good glove. Covered thumb which you can also open if you prefer. Material is so thin and light, you barely notice it at all. No wrist Velcro strap.
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    Sugartree cues

    They started having weight bolts awhile after micro rings become his standard ring design
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    Revo 12.9 users……..

    My tip of choice now is HOW Titan soft. Before that, I kept going back to the Predator victory soft. I tried zan hybrid max , zan premium soft, kamui athlete, and How medium. Kamui athlete being the absolute worst.
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    Revo 12.9 users……..

    Curious what the issues were. Any insight would be appreciated
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    Revo 12.9 users……..

    I’ve tried many tips and settled on soft tips that on the more firm side of the soft category for the Revo 12.9 When I used to play with SW’s, it was 13 mm maple shafts with a medium tip. I’ve always used a nickel radius so I just stuck with it on the Revo as well. Predator recommends a dime...
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    Sold Predator cues and Predator accessories

    Reasonable offers considered