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    What makes a great cue better than a good cue ...?

    I have it bookmarked. Here ya go:
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    murdered one one piece cues

    Stick ball or a custom line of fish wackers...:D
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    New Deluxe Cue Smith

    From a different thread, Two days ago, Chris said, "I sold the machine in Valley Forge without taking any pictures. If anyone took any pictures feel free to post them here. I will try to take some in the next couple of weeks of one of the machines I am working on now." As I read it, he is not...
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    Anyone used Rambutan or Umthunzi wood?

    It's true, I confess. Right now, my "river of wood" has been made into a nice lake with no outlet. Although if you put all of my wood back together it wouldn't be a very large tree. A wacky hybrid but not a large one.
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    Anyone used Rambutan or Umthunzi wood?

    Actually, I wasn't trying to get someone else to do my work for me. I haven't built a cue yet and am simply putting together a stash of wood for future cues I hope to build. I have a fairly sizable collection so far but was curious about these woods. I have done several searches already but...
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    Anyone used Rambutan or Umthunzi wood?

    I have a couple of different woods that I think are quite attractive and was wondering if anyone uses them for cues. I have a couple pieces and thought of getting more but I don't want to add them to my wood stash for long term aging if they aren't good choices. I can always use what I have...
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    Veneer Fixtures

    Jeeeez Murray, Is this your machine? I knew you were a machinist but never thought you worked with that large of parts. Tim the tool man comes to mind. MORE POWER!!! Hope all is well, Trez
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    Received some Burl woods from Bill Grassley "CORNERSTONE"

    Wow!!! What kind of wood is it???
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    Alternatives to Brazilian Rosewood

    Soooo.... What are the different woods in your pictures? The ones in the top picture are really nice looking.
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    Question to the cuemakers

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    Question to the cuemakers

    When I first read this, I got a chuckle. I was thinking 1 1/2" core.... Wow:eek: that would sure be a big cue. May be a good display or maybe it was to be made for a modern day Goliath. Then my mind wandered into all kinds of bazaar humor. :grin-square: Good times! Thanks for the...
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    My first point forearm

    What is the proper V-cutter angle to do this? And where do you get the odd sized cutter?
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    Finishing and Sanding Lathe

    Lee, The "Ask the cuemaker" section is where they banned selling and pricing. The "Cue Machinery" section is where we are now to do it. I followed that whole thread and the idea was to keep the "ask the cuemaker" section only a Q&A section. Please let us know the price. Thanks, Trez
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    Should the cue maker's directory be a sticky?

    How do I delete this post? Since I created the poll this one is not needed.
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    A sticky for a Cuemaker's directory or not...A quick poll

    When I asked about creating a sticky for an AZ cuemaker's directory, Mr. Wilson said I should start a thread to ask if you all would want to participate or would like to have a cuemaker's directory if it was done this way. So should the cuemaker's directory be a sticky? I started a thread to...
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    Should the cue maker's directory be a sticky?

    Delete xxxxxxxxx..............
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    lathe modifications

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    Asking all Cuemakers, what State are you in?? Website, contact info..

    Looking for all AZ cuemakers no matter where they are at.
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    Asking all Cuemakers, what State are you in?? Website, contact info..

    I was just referred to Mr. Wilson, so I have asked him to consider a sticky at the top of this Forum. Hope he chooses to do so.:grin:
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    Asking all Cuemakers, what State are you in?? Website, contact info..

    That's why I said, "Maybe even a sticky with the name changed to Cuemaker's yellow pages or some such". This post isn't about me, the Mod. can even erase my post and make it more official, with his own criteria, (I'm a bit wordy sometimes). I don't care how it's done but it would be helpful...