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  1. Mantool

    Larry Nevel

    My favorite player. You will be missed Larry, RIP.
  2. Mantool

    Pro pool on glorious Gold Crown 6 Cushions

    Wow! Efren gets three fouled in this match. Starts at 17:00. Don't see that very often.
  3. Mantool

    Pool Ball Collecting.

    Are these 3D ball sets available to the common folk? I sure would like me a set of those. Very nice pictures by the way.
  4. Mantool

    Affordable pocket blockers

    Those are pocket reducers. Not pocket blockers for carom games like the op is pursuing. I would be very interested in pocket blockers for $50.
  5. Mantool

    Players you miss

    Oh my, I just heard tonight that Larry Nevel had his left foot cut off due to diabetes from a known source that took second to Larry in an 8ball tournament in WI just this past weekend. WTF. Still taking first in a WI tournament from a wheelchair. Standing when needed. Best of wishes and...
  6. Mantool

    Players you miss

    My Fav = Larry Nevel One of the best strokes in the game.
  7. Mantool

    Basement Heat I will elaborate on my quick post of the link to the Farenheat 220v heater recommendation. You already have the 220v path established, take advantage of that. I suppose my situation is a bit different because I am on a "time of use"...
  8. Mantool

    Basement Heat
  9. Mantool

    Brand New Magic Rack Combo Set (8,9, and 10 Ball)

    I'll take a set, paypal, money sent!!! Thanks
  10. Mantool

    FS Brunswick Gold Crown (9') Ball Return Gullys / Bridge Holders, Good Condition

    I realize this post is 2 years old, but do you still have any of the return tracks available???
  11. Mantool

    Soft, Medium, or Hard... That is the question

    Perfection - 'soft'
  12. Mantool

    DCC 2014 Trip Report

    Wait, your match with John B. didn't happen???? Didn't you guys put like $3000 down because there was thoughts that one of you would back out? Sorry if I am not up to speed, but I am not about to page through endless paragraphs of John's posts to find out the details. Please advise
  13. Mantool

    Mike Sigel shares "the Key" he learned from Irving Crane in Dallas Texas

    Mike Sigel shares the key!!!! I was looking forward to reading this thread. Then I saw CJ posted it and immediately I said to my self "sh*t" No key headed my way :(
  14. Mantool

    Lets' See Your Autographed Stuff

    Quote from Gregg Sullivan on his recent interview with AZ billiards "The main thing for me with Derby City is I want everyone to leave with a story. How they rubbed shoulders with the champs, how they had so much fun, whatever. Everyone leaves with a tale. Even if it is “I made one ball...
  15. Mantool

    Are these balls OK?.......

    I have the lower priced Premier set and I actually like them better than the Brunswick Centennial's I also have. The Premier's seem to stay cleaner longer. The Premiers also remind me of bar box balls in most of the Valley tables.
  16. Mantool

    Sterling Plain Black 4X8

    I am interested in a 3x6. Do you still have this style?
  17. Mantool

    help identifying McDermott cue - Turtle inlay with 2 Dice inlays in butt

    I think it falls under the E series. Most likely EH judging by the bumper and emblem.
  18. Mantool

    Pepsi Contact Information....

    Thanks Pepsi Email message sent.
  19. Mantool

    Best Accu-Stats ever?

    I asked this same question a year ago. Here is the thread.
  20. Mantool

    Ho-chunk bcw

    My fear is that Johnathan could get discouraged and give up on the future of the BCW. My first question to him at Ho Chunk was, "how is everyone treating you?" In his first year as President, he found 4 sponsors willing to put money into the BCW. He created a website so the players could...