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    Has 9 ball always...

    In my Canadian city friends and I play 8 ball and Snooker. When back in the UK I’ll play Blackball. Chinese 8 ball is growing crazy when I was in China. I might play 9 ball once a year or so. I can be out strategized by a good 9 ball player. I cringed when Judd Trump tried his hand at 9 ball...
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    Safety play idea from Efren and Niels

    Thanks for this. Always good to see in a game situation. I’m going to have to look for and recognize this ‘way out’ when playing Snooker. There should be good opportunities to use this shot bringing the white back to bulk.
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    I admire your creativity. I’ve played Snooker for over 5 decades and we rarely play using world Snooker foul rules. Usually it’s a foul…3 points and opponent then positions the white where he wants it. Otherwise a good player can defeat a ‘so so’ player just on running up foul points. Also...
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    Typical bar table in the Spokane area...

    Despite the poor job on that pool table, Spokane is still my favourite US city. Keep it a secret!
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    Do you have to put chen on cue to aim ?

    Depends. If playing Snooker in a match I always do. ‘Usually’ in Pool but maybe only 2/3rds of shots as no need to be as accurate. At home on the Snooker table playing on my own? Likely 20% of shots cue on the chin. Depends on the shot. I have no particular logic. I’ve just always played...
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    Playing surface height?

    Snooker or Pool makes zero difference to me. I never notice. Too many oher variables like the rails, cushions, cloth, pockets. I’d have to have two identical adjacent tables with an inch difference in slate height to even begin to compare. However, even then I’d likely not notice after...
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    Point your nose!

    My nose isn’t that long.
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    Greatest Left Handed Players Ever?

    In Snooker both the best male player ever, Ronnie OSullivan, and the best female ever, Reanne Evans shoot left and right. Ronnie says it just seems Natural to him. Reanne says it’s because as a girl she hated getting out the bridge and just played with both ways.
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    Greatest Left Handed Players Ever?

    In Snooker. Lefties are way over represented as a percent of top ranked players. Top 16 often 5 or 6. Robertson, Trump, Allen, Hawkins, Mark Williams. Currently 3 of the top 7. There was a tournament last year in which all four semi finalists were lefties. The odds of that were about 1...
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    What are the newest/most current training aids?

    I have nothing against players using this ball but it’s baffles me as to ‘actual’ benefit. Players don’t know where to hit the ball? As a beginner it took me all of 60 seconds to know these positions without the markings on a cueball. Also, no need to orient it. If I want a striped ball to...
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    I love Minnesota Fats!

    In Canada if you were to ask 100 random folks playing pool to read a list of pro Pool players, the only name 90% would recognize is Minnesota Fats. For whatever reason, the fellow just nailed it as ‘Mr Pool’. It’s like baseball when I grew up in the UK….name a baseball player. Blank stares...
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    Carom tables in Canada?

    I know of of one here in Calgary. In a Vietnamese restaurant/bar. I personally never been there. I haven’t seen one in Canada that I can remember.
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    Which is more popular in England? Pool or snooker!

    I only ever played Blackball and Snooker in England. Blackball Is played a hundred times more…Snooker watched more. A bit like baseball in the USA. Adults play softball, slowpitch. Almost nobody plays MLB fastball rules.. However, MLB is more popular as a spectator sport.
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    Realistically, what should promoters focus on when it comes to pro pool?

    What game is played in bars? In Canada 98% of pool played in bars is 8 ball. In the UK it’s Blackball. In Russia,…In Brazil…. In the USA everyone might play 9 ball but the word ‘Pool’ is synonymous with other billiard games around the world in bars. A sports viewership popularity and public...
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    Article says : "Hitting a Baseball is the Hardest Skill to Pull Off in Sports." -- Not IMO

    Landing Cazoo is a home run. Cazoo is a major sponsor of English Premier League Football …the most followed sports league in the world. It gives Snooker a boost of confidence. Not being ‘as dependent’ on gambling sponsors may also attract a bit more Mid East sponsors. Pre Covid here was a...
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    Will 4 inches pockets be the future of US pool, bar box and big table?

    Good points. However, as per television audiences. Snooker has drawn 60 million viewers. Chinese 8 ball 40 million. Almost zero American adults play organized football yet the big games draw tens of millions of viewers. It’s hard to know what draws a television sports audience. Perhaps those...
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    Will 4 inches pockets be the future of US pool, bar box and big table?

    Chinese 8 ball, Russian pyramid, Brazilian pool, Snooker…all less than 4 inches. American pool has basketball-hoop pockets. It’s not going to change in the foreseeable future. Pool in the USA will remain what it has always been…a fun game for millions to play at a bar or a home table. I...
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    Article says : "Hitting a Baseball is the Hardest Skill to Pull Off in Sports." -- Not IMO

    The author has never played hockey. Try standing in front of the net trying to deflect an unpredictable slap shot coming in at sonic speed past the goalie, while at the same time trying to not have the puck destroy some vital body part.
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    World Snooker Championship Attracts Huge Audience On BBC and Warner Bros. Discovery Platforms

    I was pleasantly surprised the night before the final when Snooker got top billing in Sports on the BBC news site. This was the same weekend when tight races were happening in the closing weeks of tight English Football leagues including the Premier League.
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    World Seniors Snooker Championships

    It’s often said as a cliche but true in this tournament. It’s one of those in which I want just about everyone to win. Nice to see past high ranking players win but also great to have lower ranked players get a taste of the glory.