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  1. samsarakid24

    looking for bk2, bk3 or mezz break cue

    I have a Bk 3 Wrapless available. It's one of the last models before Predator discontinued the cue. Cue is in like new condition and sweet. Message me back if you are interested. Thanks Paul
  2. samsarakid24

    LF 60” Diveney or Kikel

    I have a Really Nice 60" Diveney sneaky if you have interest. Ebony with Curly Kielwood forearm and Trans K shaft. Cue is 30/30 Even Split with adjustable weight. Asking $ 850 Shipped Thanks Paul
  3. samsarakid24

    Pechauer Rogue shaft

    Is the Shaft 29 or 30 inch...? Thanks....Paul
  4. samsarakid24

    IvorX ferrules

    I think I may have 4 left Not 100 % sure but I will Look for you later today. Send me a PM Thanks Paul
  5. samsarakid24

    Sold Pechauer black ice 5/16x14 shaft $185 shipped!!!!

    Please PM Me I have a Few Questions and Need Payment Info. Thanks Paul
  6. samsarakid24

    Original Mezz Extension

    Hey Jeff I have one in Great Condition Message me to discuss. Thanks Paul
  7. samsarakid24

    WTB Mezz Power Break II Orange

    Decided Not to Sell it...Thanks
  8. samsarakid24

    LTB OB1 radial

    I have a used one in Radial Nice shape that was custom ordered without the logo. $ 175 shipped Usps Priority. Let me know if you have questions or need more info. Thanks Paul
  9. samsarakid24

    Wanted: inexpensive break cue / playing butt

    I sent you a message
  10. samsarakid24

    WANTED : OB-1 (Original)

    Hi Wayne I would Need 30 inch 29 does not work for me Anymore. Thanks Paul
  11. samsarakid24

    Wtb: Predator BK2 or BK3 break butt

    I Received my Bk 3 Butt today. Message me at 610-800-5929 If you still have interest. Thanks...Paul
  12. samsarakid24

    Sold Predator BK2

    Email me info and pics Thanks Paul
  13. samsarakid24

    WTB Radial pin Butt only (Thin) 29 in.

    Are you Still Looking...?
  14. samsarakid24

    Break Cue 150-250

    Pm me as to what you're looking for. I have several available. Thanks...Paul
  15. samsarakid24

    Wtb: Predator BK2 or BK3 break butt

    I'm waiting for one to arrive In the mail that I should have Available by this Saturday 7-24. Message me as I can provide Info and pics for you. Thanks...Paul
  16. samsarakid24

    WANTED : OB-1 (Original)

    Looking To Buy any Ob-1 Original Shafts in 29 or 30 inch (preferred) in 3/8 x 10 or Radial pin. Let me know what you Have Thanks..........Paul
  17. samsarakid24

    WTB: Mezz ZZSP (first gen/original)

    Hello I have a Mezz Sneaky Butt For Sale if you have interest in checking it out. It is the 2nd Gen Model I believe with Beautiful Cocobolo and Hoppe RIng. I can Send you Pics and Info just Text me at 610-800-5929 or Reply with a number to Reach you. Thanks Paul
  18. samsarakid24

    WTT Predator 314 3, 30", radial for Diveney Lakewood shaft

    Is the Diveney Trans K 30 inch..?
  19. samsarakid24

    ISO Mezz United Butt

    I have something you may have interest in
  20. samsarakid24

    Brand New Mezz Exceed Cue and use Kai Break cue Set - For Sales - 2K - OBO

    Interested in the Kai if you Want to sell it message me. Thanks