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    WTB.New SW exp.birdeye maple

    want a new or mint sw cue. exp.birdeye maple. no refinish,need to be original shafts. customer joint protector would be a plus. pls send pics and best price to thanks in advance Steven
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    WTB:Gina rainbow and Fancy Southwest cue

    Looking for Gina Rainbow cue and Fancy Southwest cues. Send a pm with spec,pics and price.
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    WTB:Bill Mac daniel shaft

    still looking for 2 or 3 mc daniel shaft
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    WTB:Bill Mac daniel shaft

    got it. thx.
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    WTB:Bill Mac daniel shaft

    Looking for 2 or 3 new bill mac daniel shaft. At least 1 thin ring and 1 thick ring, no matter what the ferrule made of. pls pm price if you have. Thanks in advance.
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    Ginacue 1 of 1 a Wrapless Model

    pls pm price.thanks
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    WTB:Customer made Break cue

    Looking for customer made break cue(not break+jump) pls pm pic,price better brand new. Thanks
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    tan preflag $45 half gross

    half gross received in good condition. GL for your another half gross.
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    WTB:Pre flag master-col. TAN

    looking for (tan) pre flag master
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    WTB:Fiber pads for ivory ferrule

    Looking for fiber pads for ivory ferrule. Anyone knows where can i get it from? 100 pcs needed.
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    ivory joint will make this cue even big.
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    WTB: Richard Black's & Paul Mottey's

    Nice Lasy Z. Did not know that mcdaniel shop has the similar style of Lasy Z.
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    Be Careful Dealing With Anyone From China & Taking Payment Via PayPal

    Not everyone in China using paypal is a CROOK. I have done 3 cues using paypal and ask buyer to send it to China, and they are all over $2K range, when my first deal i have no feedback at all and i willing to use paypal to pay for a $3K cue, I tell the seller i will take all the risk i send him...
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    * * * F.S: Mottey, Mottey, White. * * *

    nice JW GL for your sale.
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    Mezz EC7-W6

    You could get 2 with that price but with linen warp. lol
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    WTB: Bill Mcdaniel QJ49

    cash is ready. still looking for it.
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    MG Sledgehammer & Jacoby Jump cue

    bump for a great seller.
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    Ginacue 11C

    I know this cue very well. Good luck for your sale.
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    WTB: Real ivory ferrule

    That's more than great to have the contact infor of him. Thanks a lot
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    WTB: Real ivory ferrule

    Great, thanks for your infor.