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    How long should billiard balls last?

    When I owned my poolroom, I changed to new cue balls every year and I changed one balls every two years. Every five years we repaced the entire set. This wear level was in my tournament room where the better players were. Ken, former owner of Hard Times in Bellflower CA
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    Mosconi cup general admission?

    I did not enjoy general admission. But I am very interested in attending if they have assigned seats.
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    ★ Skinny Shaft vs. ★ Fat Shaft

    Shaft size and tip size can be different. By using a step down or a step up ferrule. Ernie at Ginacue has used this idea before. You can be comfortable with the shaft feel and choose any size tip. This is an old idea. In the 60's, I saw straight pool players using 14.5 tips on 12.5 shafts...
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    A Huge Thank You from CueSports International (CSI)!

    Yes, 8ball on 7' tables is a great game.
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    Silly BCA eight ball question

    That was long ago. I, also, made 7 balls playing 9ball vs Ernesto D. on a big table. Well that's my claim to fame. lol
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    Silly BCA eight ball question

    Frank, This happened to me. I made all 7 stripes on the break - was hooked on the 8 - and kicked it in. This was "you are what you make". If it was "open" after the break, I would have tried to run out. It was the strangest break have ever seen. All stripes and no solids!!!
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    Congrats efren 1 pocket champ

    Yes he did, again! GOAT!!!
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    100's, 20's and 5's

    You have me LOL !
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    Happy Birthday Keith McCready

    Happy Birthday Keith!!!
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    Another long story...Jack Cooney !

    SJD, thanks for the great pool stories. Cooney and "Little " Richie are two of my all time favorites also.
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    Best wrapless player

    "Little Al" I agree. - At Hard Times Bellflower.
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    Call shot rules - What's an "obvious" shot?

    The voice of reason!!! If someone gets lucky it is better than this "call shot" problem.
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    Final Thoughts on 2014 Mosconi Cup

    I agree 100%. Short races are presure packed and require a different mind set than longer races.
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    Mosconi Moments … Premier Jour.

    I think one women player on each team is a great idea. Bring it back!
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    I like what I saw today at the Mosconi.

    Exactly right! Not football - Just play their game. imho
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    Bullseye Billiards Instructional Game

    Thanks- I just ordered mine.
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    Should we change the rule of One Pocket ?

    I agree. To blast balls off the table is too ugly for such a beautiful game and should not be rewarded. imho
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    Does the Score Dictate Your Shot Selection? Should It?

    Nick Varner was the most aggressive player, when behind, I every saw playing nineball. No safes - total aggression. He was dangerous when behind and had many come from behind wins with that style of play. But, playing onepocket, he was a very conservative player when behind. (The Wedge) He...
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    U.S. Open rules discussion

    I like breaking from the spot, also. Any ideas on how to speed up the time spent racking? Some guys seem to take forever!