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  1. oldgame


    I shoot with a 1st generation shaft with the small writing and really like it. I don’t know if the newer ones hit any different.
  2. oldgame

    Meucci carbon fiber pro

    Is there much of a difference between the 2? I mean hit and feel wise.
  3. oldgame

    OB Fusion

    I shoot with an OB Pro+. Would like comparisons between the two. I would assume that the Fusion is a stiffer hit. Please let me know.
  4. oldgame

    Worst Pool Movie EVER!
  5. oldgame

    Predator Revo Shafts

  6. oldgame

    Revo shaft for a Cognoscenti?

    I'm sorry I don't understand. Can you show a picture?
  7. oldgame

    Revo shaft for a Cognoscenti?

    I have a 314.2 shaft for my Cognoscenti. They made them at one point with the matching ring work. Do you think they'll make a Revo that fit's? And how do you think it would hit? It also would look good since my stick is all black.
  8. oldgame

    saddned at my loss of passion for this sport

    This is exactley what has happened to me. I love pool but I just lost the passion for it. I hope to get it back.
  9. oldgame

    OB Finishes - anyone else having this problem?

    I sent mine back so they can look at it.
  10. oldgame

    OB Finishes - anyone else having this problem?

    This is the best picture I can take. Like I said it doesn't really bother me.
  11. oldgame

    OB Finishes - anyone else having this problem?

    I have the same cue. Except the whole cue is clouding up. OB said I could send it in and they would look at it. It's only on the inside, so I didn't send it back.
  12. oldgame

    Table in attached garage?

    I live in Ohio and have a table in my garage for over 15 years. I use it 3 seasons out of the year. It's the ugliest table around but the rails and felt are perfect. Plays better than most tables I shoot in league.
  13. oldgame

    OB Rift Break Cue

    That is exactly why I didn't buy one.
  14. oldgame

    Who made a better Hustler James Garner or Paul Newman??

    I thought James Coburn was good in The Baltimore Bullet.
  15. oldgame

    Please identify this stick.

    The makers first name is Chuck. It was bought around 2002. Also any idea of value.
  16. oldgame

    OB Plus Shafts...

    Are there any new butts coming out with the new shafts? If not can you order an ob122 with a new + shaft as soon as there availible.
  17. oldgame

    OB Plus Shafts...

    Will a pro+ be availible for a Cognoscenti?
  18. oldgame

    LD shafts My Humble opinion

    I shoot with a Cognoscenti and everyone said I was crazy for using a 314-2. I use to use an 11mm shaft and now I have to admitt that I make alot more balls now. I don't know if it's from the LD shaft or because the diameter is fatter. I also jump balls alot better now too.
  19. oldgame

    FS Pool items MISC

    Is the Cognoscenti shaft standard rings and 13mm?
  20. oldgame

    Shaft opinion

    I shoot with a Cognoscenti.