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  1. 8AnDrEw9

    Jump/break tip identification

    I'm thinking it's the bakelite with rings cut in it. Thanks everyone for the replies.
  2. 8AnDrEw9

    Jump/break tip identification

    It dose look similar to the icebreaker. However the photos online of the icebreaker does not have the round grooves like the one I have.
  3. 8AnDrEw9

    Jump/break tip identification

    Bought a break cue used. I am trying to identify this tip, it looks to be pre shaped with little circles cut in it to hold chulk previous owner doesn't know. Thanks
  4. 8AnDrEw9

    Fancy sneaky

    I'm looking for wrapless. Thanks though.
  5. 8AnDrEw9

    Fancy sneaky

    Yes please email me them if possible and info.
  6. 8AnDrEw9

    Also pin size

    Also pin size
  7. 8AnDrEw9

    Intarested can you emails or text pics 2405381501

    Intarested can you emails or text pics 2405381501
  8. 8AnDrEw9

    Fancy sneaky

    Seen your pm. I'll try to find it on here thanks
  9. 8AnDrEw9

    Fancy sneaky

    Not really thank you
  10. 8AnDrEw9

    Fancy sneaky

    Looking for a fancy sneaky nitti,frey,sly ect. Thank you!
  11. 8AnDrEw9

    Antique pool chalk

    Collecting antique pool chalk if anybody has any they are wanting to sell please pm me with pics and price thank you. Sent from my LG-M255 using Tapatalk
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    Anybody want to sell a wrapless scruggs?!?!?! Please PM me. Paypal ready!!!!! Sent from my LG-M255 using Tapatalk
  13. 8AnDrEw9

    Bob frey sneaky pete And GTF case

    Big pin 3/8x10 frey sneaky pete. Sold sold sold
  14. 8AnDrEw9

    Early josswest cue refinished

    Early josswest cue SOLD .................$Sold$................
  15. 8AnDrEw9

    Iso 3/8x10 shaft silver ring collar.... NOT low deflection

    Lookin for a 3/8x10 shaft maple/old growth NOT low deflection. Flat faced with silver ring in collar and ivory ferruel. I2.5 and bigger if anyone has anything close please pm me thanks. For a frey sneaky Pete.
  16. 8AnDrEw9

    Its george green case

    Bump..... Found one like to buy another thanks.
  17. 8AnDrEw9

    Its george green case

    Just sent you PM thanks
  18. 8AnDrEw9

    Its george green case

    Looking to buy a green its George case. I had one and sold it like a dummy a few years ago looking for another thanks.
  19. 8AnDrEw9

    Break & Run 3 DVD Instructional - 50% Off!

    Received it in the mail today thanks again.