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  1. wendyb

    Its George cases

    an here it is years later ad they are still acailable, i agree with you! lol!
  2. wendyb

    Meucci rose cue

    everythings coming up Roses! Meucci roses, black, green, and white, all roll true, green has Bob's signature and is numberd 149, has 2 black dot shafts, white has 2 red dot shafts, black has 1 red dot saft, all shipped free to lower 48, no trades, free shipping to lower 48, pay pal friends and...
  3. wendyb

    Meucci cameo

    for sale 800, more pictures upon request, no trades, pay pal friends and family, free shipping lower in 48, Meucci cameo cue, 2 shafts, one un chalked, rolls true. A Beautiful cue. to contact me. thanks!
  4. wendyb


    He IS a genius cue maker, not a criminal or a thief as depicted by these posts., the pandemic closed his family business, his wife of 45 years died a slow prolonged illness that resulted in her death. during that time he was her sole caregiver. If you have been in this situation, you will...
  5. wendyb

    Pete Tonkin Screwed Me

    exactly! the plot thickens, who was trying to take advantage of who???? by the way, his wife did die and he was the sole care giver during her prolonged illness.
  6. wendyb

    Trying to identify this set of balls, unique font

    Worsted wool
  7. wendyb

    Pool Hall Photos From All Over.

    is this in Puerto Vallarta? is it still open? Traveling there next month and trying to find places to play, info would be great. not finding much on the net.! thank you
  8. wendyb

    Cops called to the pool hall

    no bars or pool roms open in my area. sucks!
  9. wendyb

    Are there any places t play pool in norther california? sept 2020

    this is getting really old, no pool, no pinball, when will we be able to have league again? I dont know of any place in norther caif that has public pool or pinball do you? thanks!
  10. wendyb

    Eye CANDY! Gaijin Customs

    I just found this face book page for these beautiful joint protectors, check it out! really nice wokmanship yum yummy!
  11. wendyb

    info on Christopher Chambers Scotch Doubles Pool Players Association?

    hello, does anyone have info or experience with a leage called Scotch Doubles Pool Players Association? It is being talked up in my town, went to the website and it is very bare, i did see the league is owned by a person named Christopher Chambers, Just wondering if this is legt ot some type of...
  12. wendyb

    more pics of the ts george cases

    here are the rest of the pictures of the its george cue cases i have for sale, the other post has the rest, again, the terms are as follows I have 2 its George Cue cases for sale; these are 1 x 2 cases. both in good condition both have keys and do lock, the light colored one is really in...
  13. wendyb

    Its George cases

    price drop! I have a dark brown lizard its George Cue case for sale; 1 x 2 case in good condition has key, - but- lock has been repaired, and is not stock. The rivets on bottom half of lock had come off has keys, , has a few small nicks on the outer wrap of the case, the rivets on the lock...
  14. wendyb

    Cue stolen at pool room - culprit found - what would you do?

    arrested, he has to learn there are Consequences fot theft.
  15. wendyb

    Cue Display Rack

    you should try making one, very easy,its just a box with shelves,. just drill a hole in the wood so there is a slight depression for the balls to sit in, line the insde with green craft felt, sand and varnish the out side wood, the wood that is covered can be any inexpensive wood, but use...
  16. wendyb

    Sold Meucci SE-X new old stock Ebony and Ivory

    sold! Ebony AND Ivory! free shipping to lower 48 usa states TWO , NEW, Matching VERY RARE OLD STOCK, beautiful set of the SE-X cues one Ebony, one Ivory, both number 18 !!! each comes with 2 no dot shafts butts butts dead straight, shafts have about the thickness of a credit card of light...
  17. wendyb

    pool table center supports

    for sale center support for Brunswick gold crown 2, streacher -center support-SOLD CENTER SUPPORT Brunswick anniversary STILL AVAILABLE! 45 each plus actual shipping, good condition message me here if interested
  18. wendyb

    Pool Ball Collecting.

    i posted some balls for sale i posted some balls for sale in the for sale forum, checj them out! thanks
  19. wendyb

    Brunswick centennial replacement billiard balls

    FOR SALE 15. SHIPPED CINTENTIAL USA ONLY. message me as to what ball you need, i will keep the list updated also have the 13 balls, ran out of picture space for them.message me here, peace out
  20. wendyb

    VINTAGE Brunswick rack and Centennial Pool Balls ball set "rounded" darts

    great condition usa pay pal, ship Continental usa only 220 shipped!