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  1. vagabond

    What Pool Needs....the most interesting man!

    Many smart Brains tried and failed. It appears to me that there may be a Curse on pool.
  2. vagabond

    Anyone know Wilfred Maestas?

    Sent u his cell number through private message. This should solve the problem.
  3. vagabond

    Anyone know Wilfred Maestas?

    Today he called me back and I told about the situation.Suspecting that he may not know how to navigate through AZB, I told him to contact Marissa ( Former BCA Open Female National Champion from ABQ) so that she may help him navigate thru AZB. The problem should be solved if I give his number...
  4. vagabond

    Anyone know Wilfred Maestas?

    Two days ago I called his cell and left a voice mail and explained what I read here.
  5. vagabond

    Anyone know Wilfred Maestas?

    Sent messages to two of my friends in ABQ,NM.
  6. vagabond

    Anyone know Wilfred Maestas?

    I knew him very well. He is a very nice guy besides a very good One pocket Player. His son also is a good player. I don't have his telephone number. I will contact a friend in Albuquerque and let me friend know about the situation.
  7. vagabond

    Make It's on

    Thanks. Those were GANDI tables
  8. vagabond

    Make It's on

    Interestingly,when Jeremy won the US Open championship held at a Pool hall ( now defunct) in Kalamazoo,MI in the ??year (around the year 2000) he was aggressive with his style of play and played all out offense in the Finals to win the title.
  9. vagabond

    "Hustling": Is It Sleazy Or Clever (Or Both)?

    Hustlers are very humble people and they don't show off.
  10. vagabond

    How many Champions parents owned Pool Rooms

    Shane Vanboening's grand father owned a pool room ( ? Golden 8 Ball) in Rapid City,SD and his Grand father used to play in the super seniors in National leagues (Valley,BCA.) in 80s-
  11. vagabond

    Slow play

    I don't play with slow players and I avoid them even from my social circle. No Law requires me to tolerate them.
  12. vagabond

    Toothpaste to clean poolballs

    you can try Tooth paste to clean the Ferrule of the cue stick also.
  13. vagabond

    Albuquerque's Louie Roybal has passed...

    RIP Roybal.
  14. vagabond

    How good were Cole Dickson and Mark Tadd?

    One time in the past, the Pro player Roger Griffis sold some break cues. He claimed that no matter how hard you hit the cue ball with this break cue, the cue will never jump out of the table. Several pros tried power breaks and the cue ball stayed close to the bed of the Table. Mark Tademy...
  15. vagabond

    One Pocket Rule clarification?

    This issue was discussed many years ago and late Grady Mathews provided clarification/his point of view on this issue. Before the One pocket.Org published the rules, it solicited the opinions/input of the posters on it`s web site. Any argument will be settled in favor of the guy that is...
  16. vagabond

    Who Spends More In the poolrooms?

    In my experience I found that the League players buy beer,food etc. The regular player may buy a bottle of water in the whole day or a cup of coffee and get refills of coffee. Over all, the league players spend more money. I did not see the so called big action games with many rail birds...
  17. vagabond

    preventing cue theft

    I leave my cue on the table when I go to rest room. No body will steal it because everybody knows that it is a "losers Cue" and they can`t beat anybody playing with it.
  18. vagabond

    New Poolroom in Tulsa,Ok.

    Hope the new place will do well. I always thought that the Billiard Palace ( Does not exist now) was the BEST pool room in the entire USA. I played there few times.
  19. vagabond

    Wood to Wood VS SS Joint Feel

    In 1994-1995 I bought "Mariposa" cue made by a guy named Kyle from Chicago. It did not have any vibration when I hit the cue ball and I felt that the cue was part of my arm. Different strokes for different folks. It has wood to wood joint. In 2002, my car was broken into in Auckland, NZ and my...