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  1. Rico

    Mosconi cup

    Is the MC a tournament or a show.I do not dispute Earl,s ability in the past but his mental ability is not there. He is the only player whinning every shot ,he cant let a miss go. As Jimmy Reid said (no time for the negative) get over it Earl.This kind of circus stuff is why we dont have what...
  2. Rico

    Mosconi cup

    You have to be impressed with Tyler,s play and total positive demeaner. Sky really dug deep great job .Let,s hope tomorrow keeps it going. U.S.A.
  3. Rico

    Mosconi cup

    (should of followed it)Wow is me Earl nobody loves me cant get a roll.Earl quit tooting your im the G.O.A.T song and play today not in the past.P.S. Your good not great anymore this aint a carnival get over it.
  4. Rico

    The best stroke/cue action you have seen

    siming chen it doesnt get any smoother. She looks like a refined Buddy
  5. Rico


    Gold Crown with new rails by Mark Gregory .Have old centenials should i change?
  6. Rico

    Great One Liners/Golf/Pool???

    Nick Varners reply to his dad why he lost ( Scott Kitto went 8 and out) i dogged the flip.
  7. Rico

    Snooker Table covering for fast play....

    Put Royal Pro cloth on .Played at Tuscon Billiard Club this stuff is lighting and wears good. Love golf both pool and grass.( not that stuff)
  8. Rico

    BCA Hall of Fame

  9. Rico

    If you were looking to sell a Balabushka how would you go about it?

    I agree with most already said except the FED-EX part. By far the safest way to ship items of value is Registered Mail. Not only is it totaley safe itis a federal offense if you use the mail.
  10. Rico

    Dave Matlock

    The Valley tables have a flat piece of metal that you set that lets the regular balls pass under and stop the big rockand let it fall into the cue ball return. When its the regular valley or what some call the mudd ball the magnet pulls it to the return. Themudd ball was the same size but...
  11. Rico

    Why do pros do bar box tournaments? Serious reply's only

    This is like guy,s that say playing 6500 yd golf course is too short 6000 is a joke. Whats really funny is they cant shoot par on either.They cry about bar tables and cant put a 3 pack up ,at least consitantly. Get rid of bar tables and see how long pool last.P.S. Just watched...
  12. Rico

    Im looking for an Olney cue.

    give me a call 563-357-3766
  13. Rico

    Bar Box monsters

    LiL David (Howard) Dallas West(ran 9n out on Shupit at my tourn. Larry Hubbart,James Walden and Jessie Bowman. and Allan Hopkins. Many guys played good But Shane,Dave M.,Kieth and Dennis play awfually good.
  14. Rico

    Is Schmidt's and charlie 626 Legit

    652 after the recount. balls were stuck in table.and railbirds were seen taking balls.
  15. Rico

    What does Team USA’s Mosconi Cup future look like?

    If you pic a country in Europe to compete with the USA it would be a joke. Now if you pic a country in the world it might just be Taiwan. Now i agree we grab every kid and get him gambling before he can even chalk correctly The leeches cant wait to live off them . We had as good if not the best...
  16. Rico

    Something is wrong with Team USA

    I agree the lag made a big differance ,the break was critical.Having said that i do believe we got out played.We really need to work on the shot clock play .I believe we shot way to many times with a 5 second ding dong.I personally paid to watch it ,wish we done better but i have one real...
  17. Rico

    Mosconi Cup Stream

    Can you do one month only to watch Mosconi Cup and cancel without any hassle?
  18. Rico

    Cops called to the pool hall

    Right on Jay, you dont have the right to yell fire in a theater and you dont have the right to make others sick.I cant play in leagues and tourn. were i live because a few who are as*holes.If your so patriotic join the military and tell em about your rights .No sarg. i wont thats against my rights.
  19. Rico

    Sold Dan DeCola MONSTER

    If this cue plays like my DeCola its worth every penny. This guy has talent ,too bad he had to give it up.GLWTS.
  20. Rico

    Training Videos - (Scott Lee, Randy G., Others)

    Do you have the Rempe vidio how to run a rack?