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  1. ShanksMcShankly

    Russian MAGIC CHALK

    Best Chalk of the World! I've been using this chalk for years, and I've never come across better chalk. It's much much better than anything else out there in so many ways. Everything these other testimonials are saying is true and I will absolutely agree that it is "The Best Chalk of the World!"
  2. ShanksMcShankly


    Hello AZB, League is gonna be starting soon and my teammate asked me to look for a new cue for him. I've gotten some great deals for myself over the years and I'm thinking at least one of us has something good to offer... Preferences: 20-21oz Black or natural colors No Meucci Predator is a +...
  3. ShanksMcShankly

    Adams Cue , What is it worth ?

    hahahahah... Sounds like you guys are having bagels for dinner =) I think you have cream cheese on your face...
  4. ShanksMcShankly

    Adams Cue , What is it worth ?

    hahahahaha... this thread is funny! I always enjoy the antics of measureman and his cohorts :wave3: Let's help this guy out a little though. I think it's a decent cue and tsp&b seems to know some good solid facts. I know if I was offered that cue for $150 I would try to buy it at $100 and...
  5. ShanksMcShankly

    Mosconi Cup Coverage?!

    Thanks Joe! I tried to search for it but that one didn't come up... Prolly user error... Thanks again! U.S.A!!!
  6. ShanksMcShankly

    Mosconi Cup Coverage?!

    Hello AZB, I know I'm excited for the Mosconi Cup action next week and I see there's a few of us around here that are as well :smile: What I am not noticing are the coverage options we may have to enjoy the show... I may be missing something and I apologize if it was blatantly obvious but...
  7. ShanksMcShankly

    Just how many One Pocket players are there?

    Man I love one pocket! I'm in southern California and we don't have much of a pool community compared to some of you folks. So we only have a few decent rooms spread about the place with only two or three that house real players most of the time. I play all the time and try to make it to a few...
  8. ShanksMcShankly

    Harold Worst house, see from road?

    So I know I'm a pool nut. It quite literally consumes most my thoughts and efforts. You sir must have the fever pretty bad if you're making a road trip just to see Harold Worst's house from the road :yeah: BTW: Harold Worst, Great Player, RIP
  9. ShanksMcShankly

    does Corey play with a heavy cue?

    It's definitely more of the stroke than the cue! Wow! This guy puts stupid crazy juice on the ball...
  10. ShanksMcShankly

    When does english reverse?

    I've always understood this concept with the english (left & right) to reverse off of the second cushion and the gear concept of reversal upon contact with object balls. Then with draw and follow will actually reverse off the first cushion. Am I correct in this understanding?
  11. ShanksMcShankly

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    This has got to be the craziest thing I've ever seen! There is no way this is real time footage... I can't figure it out... WOW!!! :shocked:
  12. ShanksMcShankly

    Whats your favorite tip tool

    I like the Ultimate tip tool with the dime and nickel shapes on opposite sides. It also has the sides to trim and burnish then the pick pad as well. It's meant to lay flat then you just screw the cue into it standing straight up, caveman style. That's my favorite tip tool I've used.
  13. ShanksMcShankly

    $75 a day for a live stream and you can't afford it? WOW!

    There's some pretty good thoughts and angles in the posts so far. To me it boils down to "if you build it, they will come". Which you have been doing this whole time and and doing a great job if I do say so myself. You have great streams and videos! I've definitely noticed an improvement in...
  14. ShanksMcShankly

    I wonder how many people would have done what Hohmann did

    I have called double hits on myself many times during regular singles games. It seems like everytime I could have gotten away with not calling it as it is rather difficult for anybody other than the shooter to notice. I have also called it on myself a couple of times in league but it seems to...
  15. ShanksMcShankly

    Insane customer service from Gabriel Tables

    I have had the pleasure of playing on these Gabriel's billiards tables and they play so amazingly well! I really wish I get the chance to play on one of their pocket tables sometime in my life. I know if I had the money I'd be buying 2 Gabriel's tables :grin-square:
  16. ShanksMcShankly

    Color of Money Fans?

    I love that part in the movie... I like to watch bits of that movie before I go out to shoot pool and the intro is one of my favorites if I'm in a hurry and want to pump myself up a lil. It's kind of funny really cuz I'm mainly an 8-ball player but I just love the way he says that whole bit...
  17. ShanksMcShankly


    IMHO... Magic Chalk is hands down the best chalk for the money. I have tried pretty much all the chalks worth trying and up until the Predator chalk came out, Magic was the best way to go. I do like this Predator chalk but I do believe that the Magic Chalk is better. I like that the Predator...
  18. ShanksMcShankly

    League players/captains input

    I captain a bar league team of young C to B- players that are inexperienced but hungry to play competitively. I know that we don't have a chance to get first or second but if we're lucky we might pull a fourth and I told them all when I formed the team. The league can pay pretty well but 2 very...
  19. ShanksMcShankly

    Where to play in LA

    The Tad Cup is an amatuer event but there is always a strong field. I doubt you'd be able to get in unless you're already registered. There should be some good matches to sweat but unfortunately not too many options for pool in So-Cal...
  20. ShanksMcShankly

    Great Deal in Orange County C-List! I check craigslist all the time and saw this sweet Olhausen table going for a smoking deal. I don't have the space or spare cash but maybe one of youse guys do...