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  1. HarddTimezz

    Sold JB 3x6 Leather Hybrid Case BRAND NEW

    For sale is a brand new JB 3x6 hybrid leather case. Case has pebbled texture black leather pockets, lid and trim on black nylon body with blue stitching. Complete with backpack straps and towel ring Sold firm shipped. Please respond via PM with any questions, thank you. Sent from my...
  2. HarddTimezz

    WANTED 1x2 Whitten case

    Looking for a 1x2 whitten case, please pm with details, can pay immediately, thank you
  3. HarddTimezz

    Schon CX75

  4. HarddTimezz

    Mezz with ignite

    For sale is my Mezz Ace 183 with ignite and 2nd carbon fiber shaft made by Jerry Powers. Everything is straight together and apart. Cue was sent to Tony at Tiger in California for the stacked leather wrap. There are a couple of marks on the butt, nothing more than in the clear coat. Have the...
  5. HarddTimezz

    Schon CX75

    Schon cue cx75....come with 1 shaft, extension 8 carbon (Rick Roper)..Excellent condition $400 shipped.
  6. HarddTimezz

    Sold Barnhart Cue, It's George, GTF, 3seconds Cases

    Hello, Here's my current for sale thread, hopefully something for everyone. All prices include shipping and PayPal fees in the US, International shipping will be higher. Pease respond with PM if you need additional info or images, thanks! 1 - 3x5 3seconds case straight from the land of the...
  7. HarddTimezz

    3Seconds 3x4 Butterfly Case

    I have this Japanese exclusive 3x4, pm for details if interested, thanks! Sent from my SM-G996U using Tapatalk
  8. HarddTimezz

    Sold New Whitten 1x2 case for sale

    Very nice. If Texas Tech wins tonight, I'll be back for this one (y)
  9. HarddTimezz

    Sold 3seconds Cue Cases 3x5 Black

    Both have padded dividers, I have edited post to include image, thank you!
  10. HarddTimezz

    Sold 3seconds Cue Cases 3x5 Black

    Here are two 3seconds 3x5 cue cases. Both are brand new and handmade in Japan with incredible quality of build. I purchased both to compare and will keep the one that doesn't sell first. One has magnetic latch with removable backpack straps, the other has leather pockets and a single fixed...
  11. HarddTimezz

    Sold JB 1x2 Case

    JB 1x2 rugged case, black w black interior, excellent condition used for storage SOLD Shipped
  12. HarddTimezz

    Sold JB 2x4 History Case Black Leather

    Here's a nice minimalist 2x4 leather case made by JB cases. Thick black leather with a red ultra pad interior. Case is battle worn and well used but still looks great. Build quality is excellent as is expected. ** NOTE there is some leather separation where lid attaches as seen in images( lid...
  13. HarddTimezz

    Dale Perry Uniloc

    Anyone have an older Dale Perry with uniloc joint? Also interested in any straight, standard maple full 13mm uniloc jointed shafts, thanks
  14. HarddTimezz

    Barnhart Radial Shaft - MINT

    Here's an exceptional shaft purchased direct from Cory Barnhart. Shaft is virtually new, straight and perfect in every way. Chalked once and kept locked away as a spare. SOLD - 13mm - 4.1oz - 29.5" length - Radial joint - Layered leather tip - Black collar with silver dotted ring - Joint cap...
  15. HarddTimezz

    APA screwed our very own sleinen out of a national championship

    To the DQ'd team, congrats on the deep run, you should be proud not angry. Looking at your text messages, you built the team to have fun, just play, and let the chips fall where they may, well this is the result. To hell with the trophy and a few bucks, the memories should be worth much more...
  16. HarddTimezz

    Basic JB Rugged 1X2

    JB 1x2 I have this one, like new & triple black, pm if interested, thanks [/URL][/IMG]
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    Custom JB Rugged 2x3 Case Scruggs Logo w/Upgrades

    Super nice JB ultimate rugged 2x3. Case is ultra compact, lightweight and colors are black w/ slate gray sides and stitching. Upgrades include, leather side & top handles, towel ring, smaller shoulder pad (leather), blue interior and custom Scruggs logo. Also includes protective outer...