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  1. Mc2

    Band saw care and maintenance

    Carter videos are great to determine the setup of your bandsaw. I added bearings, tensioner, and fence to my 14". All great improvements. I also have had all if those blades. The the resaw king from Laguna is king. They are worth the price. Jim.
  2. Mc2


    If who ever wired the control box originally used the motor cable wires to determine motor direction then you will have another axis reversed. By swapping phases on a stepper you will reverse direction. It is easier to wire all axes the same and fix direction in software. Fyi I thought you...
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    Why not just replace the bad part of the unit?
  4. Mc2

    leadshine mx4460

    Why dont you ask your question? You find plenty are familiar with Mach 3.
  5. Mc2

    MAch3 CNC question

    The reason Mach manual shows them in series is to minimize the number of inputs used. I am fairly certain that prox switches can't be wired in series like that. I also don't like mechanical switches or prox switches for this job as the trigger point varies. If there are good prox switches out...
  6. Mc2

    The new (to me) shop........sorta!!!

    Kt as you know you will be very happy with that spray booth. It looks very familiar. Lol.
  7. Mc2

    The new (to me) shop........sorta!!!

    I miss the crap out of Royce too my friend.
  8. Mc2

    Inlay Epoxy Question

    I agree with Chris. Get to a point where you don't need a dye. In the long run dye will give you less then desirable results. Jim.
  9. Mc2

    What are the most common/popular CAD/CAM programs that you use?

    I prefer Bobcad. Just git ver 28 with training dvds. For the price it does most of what most will need and more. I think I have some coupons her somewhere for $500 off. Not sure how that helps as the price is flexible.
  10. Mc2

    Does anyone know anything about this case?

    The cue looked to be an old pos import. Not worth much in my opinion. The case on the other hand was unusual.
  11. Mc2

    Does anyone know anything about this case?

    A girl on my team showed up with this case. It reminds me of a Mckernen round case I own. It was suggested that maybe Florida Fred made it. Any ideas or value would be great. Thanks, Jim
  12. Mc2


    I would agree with Jake. Question is how do you measure that? Backlash is easy to measure at a slow speed. There are other factors as well. If you are using a stepper system there can be lost steps as well which can not be recovered easily and part or pocket could be spoiled. Jim
  13. Mc2

    New Cory Barnhart Nara & Ebony 8 pointer

    Dang it Cory. Where did you get that wood? I thought I got every piece I could find on Ebay. Nice cue. Very tasteful as always. Jim
  14. Mc2

    Sherline CNC Indexer

    I have the control box with power supply and motor cable. Not sure what happened to the motor. That is not a big deal if you know how to wire a connector and a stepper. Jim
  15. Mc2

    Ring billet slots

    Axis is singular and axes is plural for an axis. Jim.
  16. Mc2

    McKernan Case

    I have one of these cases. I purchased it on Ebay a long time ago and could never find information on it. Does anyone know what value it has?
  17. Mc2

    Any mach 3 gurus on here

    Yep try that. If it does not work then send me a text. Jim
  18. Mc2

    Any mach 3 gurus on here

    Royce actually ended up talking with Art the creator of mach 3. Art explained how to set it correctly. I will try to contact you within the next few days. If i don't call me at 847-489-3904. As a hint your spindle pulley needs to be set correctly. And Jake is dead on for the max speed issue. Jim
  19. Mc2

    *****CNC Shaft & Butt Cutting Computer Program*****

    Thanks for the video Bob. It cleared up some questions that I had. I was wondering if you loaded the new program and changed mach to the toolpath page and re-generated the toolpath, would the Y axis min max show the final depth of cut? It should. I like to use this page to verify that I...
  20. Mc2

    *****CNC Shaft & Butt Cutting Computer Program*****

    Looks like a fine program Kelly. I was just wondering if you considered on how you will protect yourself from you program getting traded or sold outside of your control? The other thing that concerns me is the fact that most people will be handicapped using your software. Just curious as I...