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  1. 8&snap

    The best ever.... Period

    Hey Richie, hows the world treating you & the family, still pumping that iron?
  2. 8&snap

    The best ever.... Period

    HA!! yea i know donut man, he played me broke 1 night so i agreed to play him for donuts, end of session he owed me 40 tray's of donuts, i still laugh about it,got about 7 trays & called it even. Mark was a lil strange. I still roll thinking about that motor home with leaking roof parked at Lee's
  3. 8&snap

    The best ever.... Period

    Bmore, Jason would spend a week sleeping under the table while his dad Bobby would go pimp. You also know who Jason got mixed up with to start that down hill slide (Max & his drugs & vending machine thieves). You talk about Big money but you forgot Timmy Crown & Stewie & of course where you...
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  5. 8&snap

    New Pool Hall in Cockeysville, MD

    Is the pit beef stand still next door, that place rocked when the 2 teenagers opend it,is it still good??
  6. 8&snap

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Even after all that he blew a 1.4 & was locked up
  7. 8&snap

    Low Low Low Lambros

    Don't know who his apprentices would be since its a 2 man shop only.
  8. 8&snap

    Can someone loan my the money for this?!?

    How much do you think Glen would charge to cut pockets in it????
  9. 8&snap

    Help! Pool is making me a cripple!!

    Maybe Kevin Trudeau will chime in.
  10. 8&snap

    Morgan Freeman

    Joey, you puting together a bucket list
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    Stinky players

    Just carry some of that shit homicide detectives put under their noses when they find a 3 month old body, then when its your turn for "Whats in the case" you will have a story to tell.
  12. 8&snap

    Beware JayTS!

    Road trip!!
  13. 8&snap

    Players you know u can bust But wont play

    WHY & WHO are the players you know are a good score but just cant play them because of ???????????(antics,trouble or just plain assholes)
  14. 8&snap

    Best Players In Baltimore

    WoW, richie,cant believe you forgot Charlie the wop & loye, loye went to Fla. & beat alot top players. tom gave him the break on a bar table & took a while to get there then loye said to hell with the spot lets play even & got beat again b ut had the heart of a lion, loye & me use to hang with...
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    Diamond Ten Ball Invitational

    Helfert promotions & Diamond present "The DCC Challange to the World "10 Ball Classic
  16. 8&snap

    LAMBROS cue package $2000

    bumping from page 10
  17. 8&snap

    LAMBROS cue package $2000

    1998 Lambros cue,orignal ultra joint,3 shafts(1 is mikes ld shaft)all 12.6, cue weight is 18.4 w/no weight screw. BK breaker about 18.6 ,Lomax jump cue,Leather Instroke 4x8 butterfly case,Preator 2x4 hard case. Photos here buyer pays shipping...
  18. 8&snap

    Mike Lambros Cues

    Pic's of the set up i have can be seen at photobucket price is $2500(deadbeat buyer didnt follow thru) for all shiped(no spliting,dont have the time) A shout out to cookie man,hey Dave
  19. 8&snap

    Mike Lambros Cues

    I have a whole set-up for sale,what you looking to spend? pm me for pic's & price
  20. 8&snap

    u.s. open racking rules

    Just think, if years ago the money ball spoted on the snap we could have been watching Jean Balukas playing in the open this year.