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  1. Samantha820643

    RIP Gary Benson

    From Shannon Benson: FUNERAL SERVICE ARRANGEMENTS Funeral arrangements are confirmed . Please share this post so we can get the word out to everyone. We will also be doing a Facebook live feed from the service so even if you can't travel you can certainly still be a part of the ceremony . I...
  2. Samantha820643

    RIP Gary Benson

    If you've ever played in a VNEA, APA, ACS or many other bar box tournaments in Canada or the USA, you've probably met Gary Benson. He has been a tournament director and table supplier for tournaments for over 30 years. Today he passed away. I've had the pleasure of knowing him since I played...
  3. Samantha820643

    tip hardness chart
  4. Samantha820643

    Looking for some help, to help out a hero....

    Hi Rain-Man, I tracked the shaft and it will be arriving tomorrow.
  5. Samantha820643

    Looking for some help, to help out a hero....

    Rainman, Thank you for doing this for this gentleman and thank you to this soldier for his service to our country. I will be sending the package that we spoke about to you today. :smile:
  6. Samantha820643

    J.E. Cane Pool tables

    Does anyone happen to know what type of rail profile you would use to recover a J.E. Cane 1800's pool table? We have tried the K66 but it seems to be a little too big. Thanks for any help!
  7. Samantha820643

    Christmas Accu-Rack Drawing!!!!

    Please add me to the drawing. Thank you :)
  8. Samantha820643

    Help with Schon ID

    Unfortunately the cue that looks similar was a cue that we carried back in 2000 and I don't have those images available anymore. I can try and scan the picture and send you a message. I will send it to you soon as I can. :D
  9. Samantha820643

    Help with Schon ID

    I was able to find a model similar to the one pictured but it has small ovals in the rings. The Schon logo was also gold. The cue that I could find retailed at $565 but it had more to it.
  10. Samantha820643

    What model Schon is this?

    No problem. I see it has a different wrap on it, but I like the gray. It retailed at $989 with one shaft back in 1997.
  11. Samantha820643

    What model Schon is this?

    ST11 from 1995-1997.
  12. Samantha820643

    Joss Shaft Identification

    The Joss Cues that we have been getting over the last year or possibly two have a black Joss logo with 1202 underneath. Not sure what the numbers mean but that is the way we get them now. There is also a serial number etched on the joint.
  13. Samantha820643

    Billiards Expo Colorado Springs

    Thanks for the info. Sounds like a plan.
  14. Samantha820643

    A complete walk-through Fargo Billiards and Gastro Pub, AMAZING!!

    Dave, Where's the video and pic to your room??:D
  15. Samantha820643

    VNEA end of May

    I have been there a few times for the VNEA. I can't remember all of the vendors that I have seen but here are a couple: Franks Center Inc. Omega Billiards Connoisseur of Custom cues Speed Break booth There are quite a few people who do the cue repair and there are a few others but this is all...
  16. Samantha820643

    Any really nice pro shops in your area?

    Roger Long has a pro shop in Bull Shooter's as well
  17. Samantha820643

    House Pros- who is where?

    Melissa Little house pro at Wynkoop Brewery in Denver, Colorado.
  18. Samantha820643

    Cue Care

    I personally start out with the Sil Kleen to clean the grime off the cue. 2nd I use either Q-Whiz or Nick's Edge papers to start the smoothing process and clean. I then use the Cue Silk to polish and smooth. For my tips, I use the Ultimate tip tool or It's George tool
  19. Samantha820643

    Please pray for Danny medina

    Ironman, Thank you for the update. My family and I have known Danny for many many years as a pool player, cue repairman and over the years a great friend. I haven't seen him in about 5 years. Is he still in the Ft. Collins area? Please let him know the "Cole Family" are praying for him.
  20. Samantha820643


    Belgium Predator Dealer Marc, This is the information for the Exclusive dealer in Belgium. I would contact them and let them know the situation. They may be able to help you out. Loontjens Biljarts Exclusive for Belgium Postbus 456 Middelburg, Netherlands, 4330 Belgium +31 118 611455...