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    The Queen's Gambit got me wondering...

    So if they can adapt a novel about Chess into an incredible series, wonder if they could do the same with pool. We all know that Walter Tevis wrote the novel for Queen's Gambit and he also wrote The Color of Money novel... would be cool if they did a series based on the Color of Money...
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    Post-Mosconi Press Conference Not sure if these have been done before, but I really liked watching this.
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    Looking for that champion stuff???

    So is Filler...
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    The Legend of The Viffer

    Found this in a poker subreddit. Thought I'd share it here. Was a fun read.
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    Another ethics thread!

    This is a scenario that happened to me once in a local tourney. Fortunately I caught myself before fouling. Playing 8ball where if your opponent scratches on the break, its ball in hand behind the line. Any other time, it's ball in hand anywhere. I don't play much 8ball but I knew the rule...
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    Has anyone matched ring work on a revo yet?

    ...I know there have been plenty of them converted so far, including my own. Curious if any cuemakers ventured into matching up rings on them yet?
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    Why we choke under pressure and how to avoid it. TEDTalk Decent TEDTalk that could apply.
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    Precision tips. Reviews? How's the longeivtiy.

    Did some research here and with friends and hit with one today and liked it. Wanted to ask the forum about them since they have now been out for a while. How do they hold up? Do they remain around the same speed when purchased or do they get a bit harder? How's mushrooming on them? How much...
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    Did anyone get a pic if the Nitti that was in the Cue of the Show contest at SBE?

    That thing was awesome... Wanted to get some pics of it.
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    Any trouble with Kamui Black Softs recently?

    The ones without the clear pad. Used these tips for years and have always had the same person install them and recently I started having some trouble with them. About 4 months ago I had one installed and it gave a loose sounding hit, like there was something wrong with it. Cueball didn't...
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    How many times have you seen this? Bad math at the pool hall...

    To answer my own question, more then enough... Player A and Player B are playing cheap sets and are generally friendly so they know the other isnt going to air barrel them so they normally settle up when they are done, but they keep track of how many set wins each has, accurately. Let's they...
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    Shane announced as 4th pick on the Mosconi Cup team. One pick remains.

    So far so good. Hoping for Bergman.
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    Dennis Hatch! 3rd Mosconi Cup pick!

    Another great choice. Please Shane and Justin Bergman to round out the team.
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    !!! Billy Thorpe first USA Pick for the Mosconi Cup !!!

    Per the Mosconi Cup Twitter Account. Great choice IMO!
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    Current USA Mosconi Cup Rankings... I hope Thorpe stays in the running. Him and Sky would be great for the team.
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    Predator REVO SP2 w/ Case !!!

    Cue was used as a player but is still in very good condition as you can see by the pics. Case is included in the sale. Cue hits very well. This is the 12.9 diameter shaft. The cue comes with everything the Revo came with when originally purchased plus the case. It has the magnetic box, 2...
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    Seth MacFarlane singing "You Got Trouble" (Pool Song)
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    JB Case arrived. 2x4 Butterfly w/ Backpack straps. Pics Inside.

    On the last day of the expo this year I placed an order for a JB case with John directly. I was given a very good price and paid in full at the expo. Was given a timeframe and the case arrived in that time frame. I didnt design anything too extravagant. I prefer butterfly cases and was using...
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    Incredible Match. 10-ball John Morra vs F. Bustamante. Hard Times Final (POVPOOL) One of the best matches I have ever watched. The safes towards the end of the match are incredible. The match is from last year and I caught it live. POVPool uploaded it in a big video with 5 other matches on New Years and they just uploaded it by...
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    Miserable Night at the poolhall...

    Just wanted to vent... I remembered why I never go to the poolhall on Thursday right around 10pm last night... So I normally hit up my local poolhall once a week, mostly on a Wednesday but couldnt make it on that day this week so I went last night. I forgot about the crew of Verizon...