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  1. JusticeNJ

    Latest pick up. 1990 Richard Black “Bushka” with upgrades. It has never been chalked or played with.

    The original owner received it, put it in a case for 30 years, and never chalked or played with it. The finish has settled in a few places, as to be expected. Otherwise, it’s in mint, unrestored, original condition. I’m having John Bender make me a new shaft that I’ll play with. Im in the “cues...
  2. JusticeNJ

    Does anyone have a Richard Black "Bushka"?

    NO IVORY JOINTS. Ferrules OK. Heavy cue OK (19.5+ preferred). Linen wrap. I would prefer a pre-2000s cue - the earlier the better. Let me know!
  3. JusticeNJ

    Tonight, 8PM EST - Orcullo v. Filler 14.1 - Accu-Stats

    Hit Enter a little fast before finishing the title. This will be streamed on YouTube. Tonight will be some "new school 14.1" from the 2017 Accu-Stats 14.1 "Make it Happen" event. See you all there! Reminder that Pat will hanging out in the chat room with everyone! Here's Pat's promo text...
  4. JusticeNJ

    Ginacue on Ebay

    Has anyone else seen this? If it's a Gina, it looks like a big one, but it's got some issues that will certainly drive the price down. Most significantly, it's been repaired at what looked to be a break in the forearm, and the seller stated to me that Ernie didn't do the repair and doesn't...
  5. JusticeNJ

    AZB Reporting that Jeanette Lee is Diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer The article describes it as a "terminal" diagnosis. Edit: The article mentions a legacy fund has been established for the benefit of...
  6. JusticeNJ

    Tonight, 8:00 PM, 8/4/20 - Sigel v. Varner, 2000 14.1 US Open

    HI folks, heads up that tonight's "Tuesday Treasures" from Accu Stats is Sigel v. Varner at the 2000 14.1 US Open. Link available here: After the stream, the video stays up on YouTube for viewing, for free. These are really fun - Pat will live...
  7. JusticeNJ

    Has anyone tried to make carom table plugs for a pocket table?

    I've been looking around and even sent a few messages to find "carom plugs" to no avail. So, being at home 24/7 except for cycling/running and the occasional trip to the office for file management, I just ordered a bunch of parts to try and make a set for my home table. I'm not remotely...
  8. JusticeNJ

    Crazy Shot By Blomdahl The whole match is divine to watch. Both guys put up a few runs of 6+ throughout. You can feel the guys playing their hearts out. Really wish I had room for a carom table or a place to play. Edit: the match is no so divine to listen to. Guy right next to...
  9. JusticeNJ

    Torrefied Maple - OB Shafts

    Did anyone else get the email from Seyberts about the new OB torrefied shafts? In the acoustic guitar world, torrefication is available on some (usually higher end) guitars and supposedly provides a very dry, aged, woody tone that isn't available on wood that isn't aged for decades. Its often...
  10. JusticeNJ

    Accu-Stats Tuesday Treasures - Ceulemans v Lee (2001)

    Hi Folks! Heads up that Accu-Stats will live stream the referenced match tomorrow at 8PM EST, and it will be available to view on youtube, for free, thereafter.
  11. JusticeNJ

    Accu-Stats YouTube Livestream - Treasure Tuesdays

    For those who don't know, Pat at Accu-Stats has been utilizing YouTube lately. Looks like there's a double-header to be lived streamed tonight. He's been doing "Treasure Tuesdays" where he streams old matches from Accu-Stats' vault. At 8PM (EST) its the finals of Archer v. Kennedy in the...
  12. JusticeNJ

    1966 US Open Collage

    Hi guys - I’ve been snapping up old 14.1 tournament posters to frame and hang up in my home room. I found this really great 1966 US Open collage, where Crane ran 150 and out that I’m sure most of us have seen by now. Thought the forum would find it interesting!
  13. JusticeNJ

    Roadrunners Photo

    Hi folks - I'm amassing wall art for my home room and am looking for a "Roadrunners" photo that's been floating around. It's Rempe, Danny D, Sigel, and Liscotti in front of a Rolls Royce. Anyone have one? Many thanks.
  14. JusticeNJ

    Ginacue Domino & GTF

    Picked up a Gina Domino a few weeks ago and can't believe how wonderful it plays. The shafts have stainless inserts, which Ernie said he only used about 50 times. Ernied dated the cue to about 1965-1968. The cue hits so solid. My usual player, a Tascarella, has been sitting in the case...
  15. JusticeNJ

    Alignment / Fundamentals

    I haven't regularly played pool for a few years now due to work and family commitments. I used to work at a pool hall, and during grad school played as often as I was able to. I recently bought a new house and got a nice GCI in the basement with the help of some fellow AZB members. I have a...
  16. JusticeNJ

    Wanted: Older Gold Crown Northern NJ

    Hi everyone - just bought a house and am I looking fulfill a life long goal of putting a table in the basement. Looking for a 4.5 x 9 older Gold Crown model preferably - also interested in delivery/setup. Please feel free to contact me here or at caltaj (at) gmail (dot) com. Email preferred!
  17. JusticeNJ

    WTB - Predator 314^2 for Tascarella

  18. JusticeNJ

    LTB Schon R6

    Title says it all. Can be butt only. Thanks in advance!
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  20. JusticeNJ

    Commentary for practice?

    For fun I recently watched the Corey Deuel 125 Ball run SteveKur has up, doing my own commentary (which might sound weird). Anyone else ever do this to see the difference between what you would do and what a pro would do? I'm thinking about doing this a little more.