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  1. JusticeNJ

    Just picked up this vintage Schon Box Cue

    That is one bad ass cue. Congrats on a rare find there.
  2. JusticeNJ

    Why are pool balls round?

    Inflated double shuttlecockoid didn't have the same ring.
  3. JusticeNJ

    Three Old School

    Beautiful cues.
  4. JusticeNJ

    Pool Table Magic, Windsor Locks CT

    Mark is top notch people.
  5. JusticeNJ

    Three for the road.

    Nice - I didn’t know AE Schmidt made cues. It makes sense, but I’ve never actually seen one.
  6. JusticeNJ

    Latest pick up. 1990 Richard Black “Bushka” with upgrades. It has never been chalked or played with.

    The Birdseye in the forearm is crazy. Pictures don’t do it justice.
  7. JusticeNJ

    Latest pick up. 1990 Richard Black “Bushka” with upgrades. It has never been chalked or played with.

    Here’s the original receipt. I blocked out the customers name $1260 back in 1990 / 1991
  8. JusticeNJ

    New Garten Bierbower - ebony, birdseye, ivory, silver

    Very nice. Must be something in the water with those Ohio cue makers putting out great work. (RIP Dick Neighbors).
  9. JusticeNJ

    Latest pick up. 1990 Richard Black “Bushka” with upgrades. It has never been chalked or played with.

    The original owner received it, put it in a case for 30 years, and never chalked or played with it. The finish has settled in a few places, as to be expected. Otherwise, it’s in mint, unrestored, original condition. I’m having John Bender make me a new shaft that I’ll play with. Im in the “cues...
  10. JusticeNJ

    Dime Radius or Nickel Radius?

    I use the smaller size of the Ultimate Tip Tool, which scuffs the sides of the tip and generally leaves the top untouched. Then, I use the sides of the UTT to scuff the top. I guess I have a compound radius approximating $0.15 of curvature.
  11. JusticeNJ

    The MOST EPIC POOL MATCH of All Time

    Great Dr. Dave! I agree it is one of pool's greatest matches. IMHO it is the greatest 9 ball match. The emotions, level of play, the comeback, etc. make for non-stop great viewing. However, I think at a certain point it was Earl's match to lose. And he did just that. Not to diminish the...
  12. JusticeNJ

    2021 World Snooker Championship

    Awesome - thanks for the heads up Bob.
  13. JusticeNJ

    What is the best pool table?

    I have a GCI in the basement and love it. I've played on Diamonds and they are nice tables, and a good company for the industry, but I prefer the GCs. A used GC might be the best value for the $. You can often find them pretty cheap.
  14. JusticeNJ

    SJM Thoughts on Matchroom's New Event

    Excellent Post. I agree my issues were with the Group 1 advantage and the round robin format. Not that I'm against it, it just seemed weird as applied here. Minor nit - on two well-known occasions, the refereeing was sub-par (the racking of the 9 on the wing, and the bad call on the Gomez...
  15. JusticeNJ

    Anyone have any information on Babe Cranfield’s 768

    I think there's a few ways to answer. One, is what is the maximum run and out. I think that's Darren's 200 and out to win. Seems a little arbitrary in that races to 200 were not always standard. For example, Crane's 150 and out against Balsis could have been a bigger run if it the contest...
  16. JusticeNJ

    Anyone have any information on Babe Cranfield’s 768

    Isn't that what happened to Appleton? He ran 200 and out, then Busty raked the balls if my memory is correct. I wonder if the older generation just didn't think of high runs as being all that important versus 14.1 titles. Sort of like 9 or 10 ball. If I hear someone put up a big package it's...
  17. JusticeNJ

    Does anyone have a Richard Black "Bushka"?

    NO IVORY JOINTS. Ferrules OK. Heavy cue OK (19.5+ preferred). Linen wrap. I would prefer a pre-2000s cue - the earlier the better. Let me know!
  18. JusticeNJ

    Tascarella Titlist

    Wonderful cue!
  19. JusticeNJ

    Was the Z-SHOT Efren’s Best Option?

    If I had my druthers, the far side. Seems like its less likely to push the 5 in front of that corner pocket. But I think that's a tougher hit, so I'd probably play the near side - bigger ball to hit. I quickly rewatched the shot thanks to Pat Fleming, who has graciously uploaded the full...
  20. JusticeNJ

    Was the Z-SHOT Efren’s Best Option?

    I probably would have tried the one-railer bending kick - the first alternative in the video - with the hope of hitting the 5 thin and sending the CB back up table. Making the ball probably wouldn't even be a thought if I was presented with this. I remember Rempe not liking Efren's approach...