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    Early 80’s Busch Pool League Meucci

    Here’s one I’ve never seen and it might be a one off. It’s similar to the 80-3 and has a bit of the 80-7 mixed in but doesn’t match either. Obviously made for the Busch Pool League which eventually became the APA. I’m putting a date of around 1980 on it due to the matching Meucci tough love...
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    LED lights...... check this out!

    Before you go any further I am not trying to sell anything. This is only to maybe help someone find a more cost efficient way to light their table up. I have an old style light that just took 3 bulbs and did a fair at best job. Shadows were bad and so on. Anyway, I stumbled upon these “UFO”...
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    Looking to trade Bob Owen Bushka

    I’ll let the photos talk for the most part. Beautiful Bob Own Bushka tribute cue. New, Never chalked, flawless. 2 shafts 13mm, everything straight together and apart. Would like to trade for a Joss West. If interested, show me what you have. If new, or slightly newer member with little to know...
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    It’s George 2x4

    ****SOLD****Here is a nice It’s George 2x4 case with a long pocket, shoulder strap and pad. Burgundy in color and some chalk dust inside the case. Other than that it’s a very nice case. Looking for SOLD shipped in the USA. I cover shipping and PayPal fees.
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    *****SOLD***** Older Mottey 4 point player. Cue is in original condition and needs a refinish. Both shafts are relatively straight. Ivory ferrules, 12.67 and 12.72 diameters. Cue weighs right around 19.2 with either shaft. Priced to move due to needing a refinish. I pay for Priority shipping...
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    Szam inspired Mottey

    Recent pick up of a Szam inspired Mottey. Could use a refinish but is a solid classic design. Yes its for sale.
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    It’s George Cue

    *****SOLD*****It’s George Plain Jane with 3 shafts. This cue is all original and pretty well flawless. No dings, dents, scuffs, or scratches. It has 3 shafts although I only believe 2 to be original. I am essentially selling the cue with 2 shafts and throwing the third shaft in as a freebie. The...
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    Dave Bollman Player

    ***** SOLD*****Dave Bollman simple 4 point players cue. This cue has been played. Has some finish chipping around the buttcap and joint areas. The shaft is original just has a new OB type ferrule installed. Leather wrap, 3/8-10 pin. Straight together and apart. Nothing gaudy to look at but it...
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    Jacoby Wrapless very pretty

    ***** SOLD*****Jacoby wrapless cue, this cue is primarily Ebony and Bocote, MOP dots, and MOP notched diamond inlays make this cue one of the prettiest Jacobys I’ve ever seen. Cue is a 1 of 1. Comes with 2 shafts, one Jacoby edge hybrid shaft with a SIB soft tip. The second is a standard Jacoby...
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    Joss West

    Looking for a JW player. Simple plain jane or 4 point. Steel joint, ivory ferrules, shafts over me what you got via PM.
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    JB Mason Case

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    Mezz PB2

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    Predator QR Extension with bumper

    Looking for the predator QR extension with bumper.
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    It’s George 1x2

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    Richard Chudy (RC3) 6 Point High/Low

    *****SOLD*****Richard Chudy RC3 6 point 3 High, 3 low cue. 2 shafts both just a touch under 13mm. Cue is curly maple with what looks to be spalted maple points. 2 veneers on each point that match the ringwork. Cue weighs 19.1 oz with either shaft. All 3 pieces roll straight together and apart...
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    1 Gross Pre Flag $65 shipped

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    2 Grosses Pre Flag Blue

    I decided to separate the lot. I have 1 gross available. 65.00 shipped in the USA only.
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    3 grosses Pre Flag Blue

    Wrong area, sorry.
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    Bob Owen 4 pt Hoppe ring

    *****SOLD**** Here is a Bob Owen 4 point 4 veneer Hoppe ring cue. 2 original shafts with matching ringwork, both at 12.5mm and both putting the cue right at 19.1oz. Black linen wrap. Beautiful veneers, and cue in general. I believe the cue to contain zero ivory. Rolls straight together and...
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    Ebay Warning

    Guys, in the last two days this guy has posted a few auctions that I believe to be scams. Says he's in California but wants payment sent to the U.K. Told me yesterday he had no other cues and today is posting more. Read his description. It's shady..... just a warning to stay clear.... something...