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  1. Sheldon

    Anyone know what type of table this is?

    Looks a lot like a Valley, but I've never seen one with legs or cabinet corners like this.
  2. Sheldon

    Feather strip jig

    Had to replace some feather strips, and was thinking I should have a portable simple way to cut them accurately. I fired up my CNC, carved a 1/4" slot, and then cut across it at 141 and 104 degrees. Made 2 (left and right) and glued them together. Came out pretty nice, next one will have the...
  3. Sheldon

    Ebonite bar box?

    Anything I should know before I commit to working on one of these? Never heard of them before. Will Valley rails fit it?
  4. Sheldon

    80's Diamond Pockets

    I'm setting up an OLD red label diamond, and the person said they might want new pockets, will the ones pictured below fit?
  5. Sheldon

    Murray table?

    Anyone familiar with these? I was wondering if they came apart like a Valley. I was offered to recover this, and I'm not sure what I'm in for....
  6. Sheldon


    Anyone know where to find some like this?
  7. Sheldon

    Looking for Rebco pockets

    Looking for 2 pockets for an old Rebco with a ball return. The bottom of the pocket has an weird twist to it to feed the ball into the return so they are specific to each side of the table. (left and right)
  8. Sheldon

    Diamond Rails

    I've always left them in one piece. Seems like extra work?
  9. Sheldon

    Good hit? Or bad? View full quality, and slow it down.... it's really close. Took this with my phone, and we decided it was good, with only the phone to view it on. Now that I see it on my computer, I'm not so sure.
  10. Sheldon

    League pool story

    I have been playing BCA league since its inception here, probably around 1998 or 99. 8 ball is 5 person teams, 25 games per week. I've been on a team that has won all 25 games exactly twice. It happened again last night, we were playing a new team that had some inexperienced players on it. In...
  11. Sheldon

    BCA Rules Asking for Help

    Playing league, (no refs) is a player allowed to ask for help from a team mate? Someone I know insists that this is the case (once per game), but I can't seem to find a ruling on it....
  12. Sheldon

    Simple, but striking.

    Quilted maple w/birdseye handle. Veneers only, no points. Dominator 8 piece shaft blank. This is one of those cues that you hit with, and instantly like! Very exceptional feel.