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  1. shadowmoss

    Paul Drexler Inducted into the International Cuemakers Hall Of Fame 2020

    One of the best Cue Artist I know.
  2. shadowmoss

    John Showman Titlist

    Very nice.
  3. shadowmoss

    last of my cue porn. The Classic

    Mike you always make great cues.
  4. shadowmoss

    A few “360s” in the works.

    Like the Blue Yellow. Great looking.
  5. shadowmoss

    A few PFD's

    Here are a few from the Master cue makers at PFD.
  6. shadowmoss

    Ash shaft blanks

    Just cut up some tight grain white Ash shaft blanks. Any interest send me a message. BTW in the next few years all the Ash in this country will be destroyed by the Emerald ash borer. $25.00 per blank plus shipping, min 4 pcs ($125 shipped) Quantity limited
  7. shadowmoss

    Some Fancy High End Native American Warrior Cues

    WOW, very nice Will.
  8. shadowmoss

    Eric, your cue is finished...

    Next to it's sibling Here it is in a group photo. Some were new pickups that week, Some were out being played with.
  9. shadowmoss

    Eric, your cue is finished...

    Out of the box Bob Just got it in my hands, and you out did yourself again. Thank you. Eric And to everybody else, if you want a great custom cue at a reasonable price call Bob
  10. shadowmoss

    My new Durbin

    Beauty Mike does great work.
  11. shadowmoss

    Caution with Bebot Bautista Cuemaker

    Made the mistake of buying one of his cues, what a piece of shit it turned out to be. Had to have a top USA cuemaker rebulid it. Then sold it.
  12. shadowmoss

    Tim Scruggs Logo??

    If your going to buy custom cue its a safe bet that if you buy it on AZB no one on here will let you get taken if you ask about the cue or cue maker.And ebay is monitored here as well.
  13. shadowmoss

    Tim Scruggs Logo??

    Friends. The 3 people who can relogo a TS is Bob Frey,Cory Barnhart and Paul Drexler, these 3 cue makers were Tim's good friends and were the 3 cue makers invited and in attendance at Tim's memorial dinner.
  14. shadowmoss

    Steve Dunkel

    Class Beautiful cue
  15. shadowmoss

    couple of bflys just completed

    Very nice.
  16. shadowmoss

    Bogus Tim Scruggs Cue

    ? After looking at some of my old TS's there is nothing popping out at me saying this could not be a Scruggs but you can never tell with all the oddball thing Tim has been ask to do in his life time or any other cue maker.for that matter.
  17. shadowmoss

    Wondering How Many Of These TS Cues Are Out There...

    nice find I was wondering who got this cue.
  18. shadowmoss

    Cue identification help

    Another scam. At lease we have documented evidence that this cue did not have a TS logo and some other cue maker put it there.
  19. shadowmoss

    Tim Scruggs Phantom Cue Shaft

    Curious Do you mean you sold it to Nick with one shaft so cheap he stole it?
  20. shadowmoss

    where have all the pictures of big cues gone

    Say good by to the America you grow up in. With the government trying and succeeding in taking over all aspects of our lives they now set their sights on people with ivory. Since most large cues have ivory and the Nazi's are monitoring this site why would any smart person show their cues here?