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  1. spktur

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    I still have the Radio Shack version of pong in the box
  2. spktur

    Best One-Pocket Players

    When he led off the list with Bucktooth you should know it's a joke.
  3. spktur

    Unusual/weird/unique billiard tools and implements

    That's a Taylor tenoning machine for cutting tenons for ferrules. Worked kinda like a pencil sharpener but with the taper just square shoulders. They were fairly common in pool rooms when I was young for the owner who repaired his house cues.
  4. spktur

    Archer's Place, Marietta Ga...??

    No Nick is a good long term friend of the owner but Phil has no partners in his business. It is probably one of the most successful pool rooms in the country and has been in business for a total of 42 years. And like most successful pool rooms pool is the entertainment and food and drink is...
  5. spktur

    pool room dimensions

    Where are you? I might give you a contact
  6. spktur

    Cost of Tip Replacement

    Like I said I'm a grumpy old man, chances are I'll tell you to go somewhere else. I only do tips for people I know well and don't dislike. I got into it 40 years ago because I didn't like what I saw out there in my area. At that time I was just doing my own work but went ahead and got some...
  7. spktur

    Cost of Tip Replacement

    I don't understand this thread. What is the OP going to do once he finds out that other people in the country charge less than his local guy go and tell him he charges too much? I guess he figures his guy will come down on the price. The truth is the guy selling the service no matter what he...
  8. spktur

    pool room dimensions

    Travel a little and look at some profitable poolrooms and see how they work
  9. spktur

    Billiards/Carom Instructors

    You might want to contact Paul Frankel at Professor Cueball, he publishes a newspaper on Billiards.
  10. spktur

    Tip nonanimal

    Years ago I made some tips from a super ball, first off they weren't worth a damn for breaking and then for shooting you had absolutely no control at all. You would stroke the shot and then then the ball just disappeared.
  11. spktur

    The best cues to improve your game

    This probably belongs in the funny pic thread. I got it on another source as news/advice.
  12. spktur

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    I can't believe I didn't recognize it
  13. spktur

    Lil Joe Villalpando is Doing Fine!

    You'll not find a nicer guy than Joe.
  14. spktur

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    What is it?
  15. spktur

    Fellini latch

    I saw one on Ebay a few years ago but it was $75 then. They don't really cost that much but to get them made you have to place an order of thousands.
  16. spktur

    WTB Chandivert Champion Tips 14mm

    I'm aware of three packages prior to the red boxes. One was a silver gray box and this is the other two. the red label white box is from the 60sand 70s and the white box was from the 80s.
  17. spktur

    Huntsville AL pool halls and tournaments

    Nick has done some clinics there. He and Mark Wilson do the clinics at different pool rooms every so often. They do one at the Chattanooga Billiards Club a couple times a year. The next one will be September 16 and 17
  18. spktur

    Cleaning balls: wtf happened?!

    I read through this discussion on all the different types of cleaners/polishes people like for their billiard balls and have a question. Why not use the manufacturer's billiard ball polish that they made for this purpose?
  19. spktur

    Two playing cues used in the same game?

    I've seen Efren look at a shot and change shafts or cues mid game. Seems to like the other equipment for that particular shot
  20. spktur

    This is Ames Mister

    Glenn, you should apologize for that, you shouldn't cuss him like that.