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  1. JamisonNeu

    Last few hours
  2. JamisonNeu

    My playing cue is on ebay

    Dennis Dieckman cues. I wanted to try the Jacoby black shaft and they are amazing. They have put out some incredible technology there. I'll be getting another one soon as I come back from carom table. I am stuck on that game currently.
  3. JamisonNeu

    My playing cue is on ebay

    Beautiful players cue on ebay Jacoby listed it for 2500 I am starting the bid at 1490.00 good luck. Thanks for the interest.
  4. JamisonNeu

    My jacoby cue selling on ebay.

    I'm selling a jacoby custom cue on ebay that hits amazing. It's possible the best cue for pool I have ever owned. It has a black shaft with it. I got it in October and basically I have switched to three cushion 99% of the time and I want someone else to start running out with this jacoby...
  5. JamisonNeu

    Duramith balls

    I'll sell you a used set from the super billiards expo pro event for 275
  6. JamisonNeu

    How-2 Be-Cum A Q-Builder by Dennis Dieckman circa 2001 If you want to buy anything Ill give you a better deal on it than Dennis will. He has placed me in charge of the cues. Lets make a deal I have dozens of blanks for sale. His best work just needs to be finished. He is also selling his shop equipment a lathe with all his custom...
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    Dieckman collector cue

    Dieckman billiard cue. For Sale. Made for Dick Jasper I would like 1500
  8. JamisonNeu

    Dieckman collector cue

    Dennis Dieckman made a cue for Dick Jaspers. Take a look thought you guys would like seeing it. FOR SALE 1500
  9. JamisonNeu

    Jamison Neu "Mr. Masse"

    Thank You!
  10. JamisonNeu

    fargo rating by username and disrespect towards top players

    522 here!!! Ill be taking the weight I need from now on.:grin:
  11. JamisonNeu

    Merry Christmas

    I am playing better than ever. AtLarge
  12. JamisonNeu

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Everyone.
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    SJM at the BCAPL/CSI Events: Trip Report

    Nice meeting you as well. Glad we had a little time to hang out.
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    A good idea for TV and pool

    Imagine watching a 30 year old and up spelling bee? It is possible that people would watch young kids play a game better than they can themselves?
  15. JamisonNeu

    A good idea for TV and pool

    Nice hearing from you Bob. Hope you like that US Open table you bought!!
  16. JamisonNeu

    A good idea for TV and pool

    In order to promote my sport of pool in a good way. My idea is to have a Kids vs Kids team event on TV. That is where it should be for pool...all under 18 playing for full ride through college. Anyone like my idea?
  17. JamisonNeu

    Wood Supplier

    Has anyone ever used these guys to get their supply of wood?
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    David Jacoby for sale

    Cue has been sold thanks for your interest.
  19. JamisonNeu

    David Jacoby for sale

    Bump cue is sweet.
  20. JamisonNeu

    David Jacoby for sale

    afternoon bump