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  1. Sarnia Shorty

    Missing Bumper on a Bumper Pool Table

    Thank you! That is exactly what I am looking for.
  2. Sarnia Shorty

    Missing Bumper on a Bumper Pool Table

    Hi guys, Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I bought an old bumper pool table and it is missing one of the rubber rings that goes around the bumper. I'm not sure where to find a replacement for it. The rubber ring has an I.D. of 1 7/16", O.D. of 2 1/8" Thanks,
  3. Sarnia Shorty

    What to eat before a long tournament

    Potato chips, candy bars and red bull. Staples for any pool player.
  4. Sarnia Shorty

    In the market for a new cue

    Thanks for the input guys. :thumbup:
  5. Sarnia Shorty

    In the market for a new cue

    i have been searching the interwebs for a new cue. Are sites like pooldawg, billiardwarehouse and cheapcues a good place to buy a new cue. Has anyone bought cues from any of these before?
  6. Sarnia Shorty

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    My most recent outing was to the local Sears. I don't know if you can turn the oven on or not (never tried) but the clocks are all on and I was able to set the timers. I found it quite amusing, my wife on the other hand was not so pleased.
  7. Sarnia Shorty

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    If we are in the right store I like to set all the oven timers to go off a few minutes apart. Once they start going off my wife will want to get out of the store before they figure out who did it. :grin-square:
  8. Sarnia Shorty

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    That is a tragic story. In my mom's home town, about an hour away from where I live now there was also an elephant death.
  9. Sarnia Shorty


    I only ever sold one cue I owned. It was the first player I ever bought myself, a pretty simple looking Falcon with a 314 pred shaft. The buyer's remorse kicked in pretty quick after I sold it, managed to get it back down the road and told myself I would never sell a cue I owned again.
  10. Sarnia Shorty

    99 dollars for custom cue? gotta be worth trying

    Any updates on the cues or this cue maker?
  11. Sarnia Shorty

    AzBilliards Survey-PLEASE RESPOND

    FORUM NAME: Sarnia Shorty LOCATION: Ontario, Canada AGE: 30 HOURS PER WEEK YOU PLAY POOL: 12
  12. Sarnia Shorty

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    I'm glad Spimp figured this out :thumbup:
  13. Sarnia Shorty

    $100 Entry Tournament in Sarnia - March 22

    It's an open tourney. If you have any questions call Steve @ 519-328-4900
  14. Sarnia Shorty

    $100 Entry Tournament in Sarnia - March 22

    The tournament will be played on Diamond barboxes.
  15. Sarnia Shorty

    $100 Entry Tournament in Sarnia - March 22

    $100 pool tourney at rack n roll Sarnia mar 22!! 9 ball 100%payout plus Calcutta!! No green fees! Race to 11 on a side 9 on the b side! Must be here by noon for Calcutta! Contact me or call rack n roll
  16. Sarnia Shorty

    Strangest rules you've ever seen?

    I got a couple, both happened in the same place while I was away on business. The first is just a house rule. When they played 9-ball, the 2-ball always had to be in the bottom spot of the rack. They said this was to make running out harder, though I still don't believe it has any effect. Next...
  17. Sarnia Shorty

    London OVNEA provincials this weekend

    I'm going up tonight, hopefully there will be something going on.
  18. Sarnia Shorty

    Pool Room Design

    If we are voting I pick #6.
  19. Sarnia Shorty

    Big Pool Tournament in Windsor

    I hope that neither of these rumors are true. If we have to pay for table time during extra play why are there green fees added to the entries. Also I can't see Hustler's staying open all night which means there will be a lot less time to play extra matches. I guess we can expect an even lower...
  20. Sarnia Shorty

    :::::Post Funny Pics Here:::::!?!?!

    Top of the first page right now. Over 12 million views.