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  1. winners07

    Jensen Cue made for Ronnie Allen

    Thinking about putting this up for sale soon,
  2. winners07

    Hoppe style cue, but something else

    trying to pm you back, i forget how, lol just send me a message and we can talk, thanks gary
  3. winners07

    Hoppe style cue, but something else

    Well after some research i think your right it is a Adams
  4. winners07

    Jensen Cue made for Ronnie Allen

    I've had this cue for a while and been thinking about changing the wrap and finally got around to it and found out it was made for Ronnie Allen, I spoke with Mike about the cue and he said he used to run with Ronnie back in the day.
  5. winners07

    Sold SOLD - Bludworth Cue (60") - single owner

    I have a friend looking for a Bludworth but not sure if she will want a 60" cue but i will let her know, thanks
  6. winners07

    Bludworth cue

    Have a friend looking for a Bludworth cue, perfer a Leonard thanks
  7. winners07

    Double black linen tubes

    I would be interested in some joint and butt size of the black, let me know when you get some, thanks Gary
  8. winners07

    William (ToeBoy) Ricard

    Hi John, i have a friend thats got a nice one Mike
  9. winners07

    Need to lift my slate

    slate lifter Rick im in lake charles, and have one for sale, only used it once if your interested 337-540-0670, thanks gary
  10. winners07

    Mystery cue

    Trying to help a friend identify this cue, He got it from California from a lady who said it belong to her father and had it for 40 years and kelp behind the bar he owned, The first thing is the pin is a 3/8 11.5 or 12 and is a piloted joint, joint material is looks like ivory but is not, 5/16...
  11. winners07

    ZAN Pool Cue Tips Inquiry! Taking the "Cloak of Mystery" off of the ZAN cue tips!

    Tips Stay with the Kamui's Best tip on the market today, Yes i use to love the Morri but they are not the same, Ive tried hundreds of tips some ok some not and there are a few out there that play good but nothing as good as the Kamui that i know of, but just my opinion, thanks
  12. winners07

    snooker 5x10 converison

    Ok i have a friend who has a 5x10 snooker gold crown 1 that i can pick up for free, not interested in snooker so i was thinking about making it a 5x10 pool table, so has anyone tried this yet, i have some pocket irons for a gold crown 3 pool table so i could use those, and i know i would have to...
  13. winners07

    Brunswick Oversized 8' SportKing Slate?

    Bad Slates a lot of the old brunswick tables were oversized 8fts, Sports king, Anniversary's, Ive run into the same problem with them the slate has a looks like a seam in the slate and is not repairable from what ive seen, I have one now the slate is good but i had another one and a...
  14. winners07

    Hubler sneaky Pete, nice cue, Golden pitana, shoots lights out

    Hubler please show the joint thanks
  15. winners07

    Which rubber to use,

    rubber yeah the old rubber is pretty close to the size of k55, thanks gary
  16. winners07

    Which rubber to use,

    I have a 1920's table which i think is a Brunswick, The table is in pretty rough shape and the rails bolt directly in the slate. the rubber is not brunswick but it is original so what would be the best for this table k55 or k66, thanks Gary
  17. winners07

    Best Cushions for my Gold Crown

    Rubber ok I have a question, I have a 1928 model Bunswick table where the rail bolts inside the slate. What rubber is sopose to be on this table because it had the original rubber but not brunswick, would you go with k55 or 66, thanks Gary
  18. winners07

    Brunswick T Rail Rubber

    T rail Ok Thanks for the help.
  19. winners07

    Brunswick T Rail Rubber

    OK i have a 1928 Brunswick Regal in need of alot of repair, it has the T-Rail and the rubber is original and not Brunswick and is in bad shape but do i got back with k66 or 55 or does it matter since i am replacing all of it. I have a little of 55 and it seems to match up good.