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  1. BillPorter

    A VERY SAD DAY - RIP Bill Stroud

    Here's a 40 year old pic of Billy taken at the Rocky Mountain 9-Ball Open in Colorado Springs, CO. He was a friend and will surely be missed.
  2. BillPorter

    Any one else go back to cheaper cues ?

    me too! I have had $1,000 plus cues but my most recent purchase was a Players sneaky pete with a Kamui SS tip. It plays as good as any cue I've owned. Total cost was about $110 and it came with a 1X1 case and $5 off my next purchase!
  3. BillPorter

    Dakota pool cue

    update I just got some information that, "The leather wraps are local to China, but the pins, tips and ferrules come from the USA." Since I would be using the cue with an OB radial shaft, that makes it more attractive to me.
  4. BillPorter

    Dakota pool cue

    Yes, now I recall having run into that before. Looks like a regular radial pin but it isn't. Thanks for reminding me.
  5. BillPorter

    Dakota pool cue

    Anyone have any experience with or knowledge of Dakota pool cues? I've always liked stacked leather wraps.
  6. BillPorter

    Most Trusted Equipment Website

    What they said I have been buying pool related stuff from Seyberts and from Nielsens for many years without a single problem. Superb customer service from both. I've had made tip installations done by Seyberts and, IMHO, their work is as good as anyone.
  7. BillPorter

    adjusting to a new cue?

    A tip for you Here's a tip for you that I got from a top cue maker many years ago. The cue maker had just finished making a cue for a customer and when the customer came to pick it up, the cue maker asked him to let him (the cue maker) hold his old cue for a period of time. The cue maker told...
  8. BillPorter

    A bit about me and my 35yr roundabout journey to a custom cue

    Nice story and a beautiful cue! A CF shaft would look very cool on that cue. I could related to one part of your story as I was on a motorcycle cruising down a residential street when a woman drove right into me as she turned into her driveway. I suffered relatively minor damage compared to your...
  9. BillPorter

    DCC 2020 1p updates.

    Thanks for the updates Now I wish I had watched the match on pay-per-view! :smile: Thanks for the updates.
  10. BillPorter

    DCC 2020 1p updates.

    Update on score of hill/hill game? Score please.
  11. BillPorter

    "billiards" by john grissim

    Title I found it to be one of the best reads among the many pool related books I've seen. And it has one of the all time coolest titles: Billiards : Hustlers and Heroes, Legends and Lies and the Search for Higher Truth on the Green Felt
  12. BillPorter

    Mike Capone cues, opinions needed

    Capone cues I owned one about 20 years ago. Excellent workmanship. The only reason i sold it was that I'd never owned an expensive cue and found myself worrying about getting it dinged up when playing with it. By the way, the recommendation of Mike's cues that persuaded me to invest in one came...
  13. BillPorter


    Couple of pics of the two of them from 1986
  14. BillPorter

    Bill Stroud fighting cancer

    Just feeling sad I've known Billy since 1963 when he was a pool hero of mine. I recall that he used to practice at the SMU student center where we would chat from time to time. The year I spent every night, all night, at Cotton Bowling Palace (1963-1964) created more memories for me than any...
  15. BillPorter

    I Was A Good Boy Today

    Your mailbox is full so I'm using this thread to ask you a question I spent every night for about a year at Cotton Bowling Palace during the 1962-1963 time period. In one or more of your posts on the forum, you have mentioned several people I knew well, Alfie and Jack Taylor for example. It...
  16. BillPorter

    Richie Ambrose... RIP???

    Played him once and once was enough! Richie and his then traveling buddy, Tommy Thompson (Titanic's son) came into the Times Square Cue Club (located in Dallas, TX) looking for some action. This was back in the early to mid-1960s. I didn't even know the name "Richie Ambrose" at the time but I...
  17. BillPorter

    Great pool pics...............

    Thanks! Nice to see that someone still appreciates our efforts! Back in the 1980s when Mike Haines and I were taking most of the photos now on the Smugmug site, there were very few people with cameras at those tournaments. I'm glad we were able to preserve some images from this now long ago...
  18. BillPorter

    Improve your game quickly

    liked your post Dean, it seems to me your post was just an attempt to share what works for you when playing pool. You don't claim to be a great player or a professional pool instructor. My worst flaw is coming up off the shot. I used to tell myself to stay down until the cue ball contacted the...
  19. BillPorter

    Whew, made it through another

    I think my buddy Mike Haines took the photo.
  20. BillPorter

    Whew, made it through another

    Glad you got good news Jack, as a person who lost a wife to cancer (back in 1996) I know how stressful living with the daily anxiety can be. I'm glad you can be there for her through this stressful time. As for the doll house, we've got to see some pics!