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    Country Retreat Family Billiards ♥️

    positive experiences each and every time i've been in the room. great tables. and the food is great as well. prices were lower than what i've seen for quality of tables/food. close to trout fishing as well.
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    Hunter v Frost, your stance?

    absolute value of the situation to me: foul made. foul called. all okay with the call on my end. doesn't matter if it is the Queen of whereever, bubba down the street or my friend/enemy/me shooting or watching. a foul is a foul. call all fouls or cheapen the game/lessen the authority of the rules.
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    I need a Name for this conditon

    dead money
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    US Open Brackets are up.

    if you are looking for a particular player/match just do "control/f" and type in a name.
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    Pool Education Memory

    i spent many hours in city pool hall on main street and went next door to the the other pool room for food. heck i even got invited to the police station about 3 doors up one night. lol. it was the early 70's when i was there. marty was one of the rack men along with ralph(great snooker). ran...
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    Anyone have the original Westinghouse paper micarta ferrules for sale?

    cue components does not have original paper micarta. i have a big block of micarta from NASA but it is not original micarta for ferrules. i ordered some years ago and made him refund my money.
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    Palmer original foil insert needed

    there was some Pamer parts shown here in the past. not as a selling point, more for drooling over.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    10mm, 13mm and 9/16 all mising in action. long gone .
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    Who makes the best wooden shafts?

    i was able to play a lot when i got my 1st schon, a SR6. it came with a micarta ferruled shaft and a non micarta shaft, both with silver rings. i shot with those 2 shafts for the next 18 years until they were stolen. got another schon later plus new schon shafts(from joerackem) that felt like...
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    Who makes the best wooden shafts?

    1st choice Schon with micarta ferrule. 2nd choice Schon, post micarta Joss shaft, 13.25mm aegis
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    Entertaining cue listings

    i was amazed by the listing of a Julio Stambolini cue. the guy said he bought it personally from MR. Stambolini. he was surprised when i broke the news to him.
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    Identifying a cue with xrays

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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    i'm saddened for the economic downturn in the coaolfields but i am so happy nobody will ever get a horrible phonecall about THEIR miner that won't be coming home healthy or at all.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    i used to help taking cars to crusher in the 70's. they were beasts i tell you.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    after concerts that IS what we saw.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    i will never, never ever forget the immediate sound of igniting gas fumes in an Falcon station wagon in boulder colorado. 'twas the 70's. as best i remember there was coors beer, weed, and perhaps a bit of peyote involved. morphine thankfully came along when i got admitted prior to skin grafts...
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    True North

    a lot of times i can just switch to one of my north oriented shafts. vice versa if i drove in to town from the north. just keeping it simple. i never use the left handed cues(or cigarettes) anymore.
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    On Oxygen... Guy

    i think you may/will have a small O2 tank with a metering device/gauge and a cannula. smoking can present a problem with oxygen usage but that is anywhere,anytime. ignition sources and O2 are not a happy situation. i'm happy to see oxygen users out and about whenever, wherever. if poolroom is...
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    Best/Funny Trash talk

    L & P cue palace, prestonsburg, ky 90's; guy(phillip) replying to comment about losing some money to a guy"it's just money in the bank".
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    How to use this tip tool?

    nope. the tip burnisher is indeed the cause of scratches on ferrules when grit gets between ferrule and sides of tip burnisher as referenced by several, me included.