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  1. ugotaction

    2011 Kent Davis Custom

    OBO within reasonable.
  2. ugotaction

    2011 Kent Davis Custom

    reduced to $1,500.
  3. ugotaction

    2011 Kent Davis Custom

    2011 Kent Davis Custom $1,500 OBO Custom made for Brandon Shuff. This cue was played with at the 2012 Mosconi Cup. It is in used condition with some minor dings but can be refinished, hint why the price is so fair. Brand new is worth $2,500. Super solid hit, thin wall steel joint, four tall...
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    2003 Custom Richard Black for sale. SELLING 1/2 PRICE! $omeone is $tealing!

    2003 Custom Richard Black for sale. Hits so good I guarantee satisfaction and its in excellent condition. The best steal joint cue I've ever played with. Last couple months ive won 4 tournaments in a row with this bad boy. Two APT events and two State Championships. The first 3 of these 4, I won...
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    !!!! Monster Lomax Break Cue !!!!

    this is one of the best break cues ever. whoever snags this up is in for a surprise.
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    CLEARY for 2014 Mosconi Cup team USA captain

    ahh the hell with it….Cleary for President!! lol lol
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    Conflicting reports regarding BB

    very well said Roger. now here is someone who has an opinion worth understanding.
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    Shuff in Baltimore.

    I think I can officially say I play 3cushion. what a Beautifullll game yea man, good times look forward to next time! ill be in touch pal
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    2012 Mosconi Cup U.S. Team members....

    A lot of you on this thread have said great positive things about our team this year! Its awesome to read and thanks for all the support. We plan to represent a hardcore winning attitude and I believe just like the Hatchetman believes, this is one of our strongest teams yet! B Shuff
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    Shuff, you made it!

    thank you Juice for posting this on my Facebook. Thanks everyone for all that support and super nice comments. Man its a real deal pleasure to see all this nice stuff and on my facebook as well. Stuff like this can help our team go in more confident. This year our team will def not be...
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    Maryland 9-BALL Bar Box Showdown

    very nice event. thanks
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    Mosconi Cup: Rankings

    I know of Matchroom saying top 2 are guaranteed and the other three are wildcards but points do play a roll. Are they doing wildcards with european race too? They really should just keep it totally fair and just take top 5 for both teams, thats legit. Boom!! fair and square.
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    CSI Tunica Open Events 8-Ball and 9-Ball July 20-25

    will the 8ball and 9ball have any schedule conflict with the all around events? thanks. B. Shuff
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    Mosconi Cup article on Facebook

    I'm not saying Archer is out of the race, but if he doesn't make team some how, he should be captain!!
  15. ugotaction

    Eastern Shore 9-Ball Open, MARCH 3RD

    Thanks for a Nice tournament. Ending at 5am was the only thing that was tough. John moody did a great job Runnin the bracket and Danny had a good calcutta. Good job guys. Lookin forward to the next ones. See ya
  16. ugotaction

    Maryland State 8 Ball Feb 25th / Big Daddys Billiards

    Short Races to 4 and 3 and it cost more for pros. Who are the pro players?
  17. ugotaction

    Brandon shuff!!!!!

    Yep. Love the derby.
  18. ugotaction

    Brandon shuff!!!!!

    Plan A. Was to counter w 10k and ask to do it when I get back from UAE mid feb. (I was only able to get 6k for 10fter and don't know how long til I can get 10k) Plan B. Is to maybe play at derby for 2-3k maybe a Lil more. Plan C. If not at derby we can always get me in the box at Emeralds in...
  19. ugotaction

    The mighty Mike(geese)Gerace!

    Geese. Wow a true legend and a true hustler from what i know. I heard his one hand game was top notch too. I've heard so many stories about geese. It would be cool to see or hear more of him. RIP geese